Wheel of Time: Restaurant-Museum in Moldova

By Eugen Pedersen

All photographs are by, and copyright of, the Author.

Editors Note: Moldova is sandwiched between Romania and the Ukraine and was part of the former Eastern Block. It is one of the poorest countries in Europe largely earning its living from Agriculture. Eugen’s visit allowed him to visit an unusual theme museum that I am sure MAR readers would like to see if they ever visit the country.

On my recent visit to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova I didn’t find any Soviet models but I did find something unique: A Restaurant with its own car museum which is visited by many tourists and officials. The owner of the restaurant has a private collection of rare Soviet cars in working condition. He loved Soviet cars as a child and is able to collect them now. The Restaurant itself is traditional with a wine cellar and is not too expensive despite its wonderful car collection.  The only way to get to see the collection is to eat there and then the owner will give you a tour of his car collection.

1943 Gaz 67 – 1947 Moskvitch 400 – 420 – 1967 Zaz 965 Yalta


1953 Gaz M20 Pobeda


1956 Gaz 12 ZIM Limousine,


1963 Gaz 13 Chaika – with some after market wheels.


1989 Gaz 14 Chaika


1958 Moskvitch 407


1956 – 1970 Gaz Volga M 21 (all 3 generations)


Gaz Volga M21 Convertible – never made by Gaz but an attractive conversion.


Black Gaz Volga M21


Gaz Volga M21 Police (Militia) – the latest acquisition


2 Soviet motorcycles


So if you ever find yourself in the capital city of Moldova – Chisinau -then you may combine your love of cars with a good meal. The Restaurant is called: Roata Vremii -Restaurantulmuzeu.  Translated into English this would be Wheel of Time – Restaurant-Museum. It can be found at Hristo Botev St 8, Chisinau, Moldova.

Please note that this article was originally printed in a slightly different form in Coventry Diecast Model Club’s house magazine ‘Wheelspin‘ No 224 Winter edition and is repeated here with permission of Eugen Pedersen and Will Roe Wheelspin’s Editor.

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