VW and Jag Chops

By Tony Galvin                                                         June 2015

Volkswagen Articulated Camper Van

I came across the picture of the real version having ‘Googled’ Images of VW Campervans. My first thoughts were what engine is in it? The old flat four would never move it. Second thoughts ‘Is it in India and if not where’? Third thought was I’ve got to make one.

As is obvious 2 Camper vans were required so 2 Lledo vans were obtained. I then purchased a couple of OO gauge railway carriages on ebay, but after a lot of effort it did not look right. As a result the sides, roof and chassis are made from sheet aluminium, which took a lot of work cutting out the windows and then fitting windows from the railway carriages with the curtains. I feel it was well worth the effort and I am quite proud of it, as it is probably the only one on the planet

The name Murvin Enterprises is fictitious, being half my surname and half my wife’s maiden name. It appears on many of my models.

Jaguar XK140 ‘Breadvan’

When attending the Goodwood Festival about 5 years ago I saw the Ferrari ‘Breadvan’ as it is so called, I don’t believe that it ever delivered any bread! I thought that Jaguar should also have one so I set about the task.

I already had a 1:24 scale XK140 so I chopped it up along with a van, the model of which I cannot remember. This uses an aluminium chassis again and aluminium was also used to form the rear wheel spats. A set of wheels off another model of a US vehicle and it was complete.

It may be of interest to other ‘choppers’ that when painting, a box with a 100 watt bulb in can reach 70 degrees. I put the casting and the paint in there before spraying and then the model when done. This stops ‘blooming’ particularly in cold weather. The compressor that I use was part of an old fridge and it feeds my airbrush at around 35psi via a 3 gallon stainless steel tank.