Vadis Eaglemoss – Italian Liveried Vans Part One

By Fabrizio Panico

The old MAR Online pages at will not be accessible for much longer so we have decided to transfer more articles that formed long running series. This posting gathers together some of the articles written by Fabrizio about an interesting Italian partwork. This coverage started in the printed MAR and was then continued on the MAR Online.

Vadis Eaglemoss – Veicoli Pubblicitari D’Epoca

This continues from a series of articles Fabrizio Panico provided fro the printed Model Auto Review. The series then continued when MAR became MAR Online.

49 Fiat 1100 ELR van 1951  “Chinotto NERI”

Chinotto NERI is an Italian soft drink. Fabrizio rightly says that this model is very nice.

50 Peugeot J7 van 1975 “FILA”

Fabrizio reckons that this model is quite dull. Fila was an Italian sportswear brand in the 1970s but is currently owned by a South Korean company. The livery is certainly one of the least interesting seen so far in the series.

51 Fiat 242 van 2nd series 1981  “DeRica”

DeRica is an Italian canned food brand.

52 Fiat 600 Multipla 1956 in “Hausbrandt”

Hausbrandt is a Coffee brand.

53  Volkswagen T2 bus ‘Stormy Six’ 1971.

‘Stormy Six’ were an Italian beat group  almost completely forgotten nowadays. An unattractive livery on a nice model.

54 Alfa Romeo Saviem F20 van ‘Permaflex’  1970.

Permafex was a brand of mattress. Again Fabrizio thinks that it is a nice model, but in a livery that he is not so keen on.

55 Renault R4 Fourgonnette ‘Interflora’, 1966.

Fabrizio reports that this is a lovely livery, but is concerned that the model itself isn’t correct. If it is a 1966 model then the front bumper should be different; and is the side profile inaccurate as well?

56  Lancia Superjolly with windows and high roof “Bialetti” 1965

Bialetti area famous mocha machine manufacturer. This is the second time that this casting has been used, as it was also used for #26. This livery, however, is a good one.

57 Fiat 600M van 1958 Coriasco Amarelli

Coriasco Amarelli are liquorice-flavoured sweets. This is an attractive livery on a casting which has been seen before in this series.

58 Alfa Romeo AR6 van 1987 Guzzini,

Guzzini are a kitchen appliance supplier. The casting used is the same as that used for 46 Fiat Ducato, the only difference being the grille.

This is accurate, because the AR6 was produced by Alfa Romeo in the joint Eurovan project with three other companies; Fiat (Ducato), Peugeot (J5) and Citroen (C25).  When Alfa Romeo was taken over by Fiat the AR6 was discontinued. This model is therefore an interesting variant.

59 Fiat Campagnola 1963 Funivie del Monte Bianco

This is liveried for the company running the Mont Blanc cable cars.
At first sight this model seems to be a little overscale, but after checking it is accurately 1:43 scale.

60 Alfa Romeo F12 van 1968 Geloso

Geloso produced television and radio sets. This casting has previously been used in this series for #8 Idrolitina.

The Vadis collection has now been extended, as expected, from the originally announced 60 models to 80 releases.

61 Volkswagen T1 Kombi 1967 Ringo.

The rather simple livery on this VW Kombi is for Ringo biscuits, made by Pavesi, which are still available today.

62 Fiat 500 C van 1959 Riello.

This small van is liveried for Riello heating and ventilation services, another brand which still exists today. Although this is a new livery, the casting has previously been seen in this series.

63 Fiat 500 Giardiniera 1964 Ferrania

Ferrania is an Italian producer of film and photographic products, which is still in business today. The simple livery is only printed on the front doors

64 Renault Estafette 1974 Pennelli Cinghiale

This van is in the livery of a manufacturer of artists’s brushes, with an illustration of a wild boar to show where the bristles originate.

65 Fiat 1100 ELR pickup 1954 AGIPgas  

This van is in the livery of AGIP. This brand is well known throughout the world because of their sponsorship of Ferrari. This model carries canisters of liquefied gas. This is a nice model, even if the casting has been seen before in part 35 Olio Carli.

66 Fiat 500 A Van 1948 “Tre Teste”

“Tre Teste”, three heads in English, was an Italian brand of razor blades. Each wrapper had an illustration of the faces of three pretty girls. Unlike many of the liveries used in this series this brand is now defunct.

67 Fiat 615N refridgerated van “Soresina”

“Soresina” is an Italian brand of dairy products which is still with us today. The livery advertises their butter which is sold in tins in the same bright yellow livery used on the model.

This is a nice model already used for “Sammontana”, which was no. 16 in the series.

68 Fiat 238 1973 “Proraso”

Proraso still make a range of shaving products today. The livery translates as Proraso helps those that shave. The livery is simple but effective on a nicely modelled Fiat Van.

69 Autobianchi Bianchina Van 1968 “Pigna”

Paulo Pigna is an Italian producer of paper products well known at one time for providing Italian school children with their exercise books. The simple livery sits well on the nicely captured Bianchina van.

70 Fiat 242 Van 1980 “Fantic Motor”

A colourful van in the livery of a maker of mopeds and small motorcycles. This has sponsors adverts on it and is a racing support vehicle. Fantic are well known for competing in European championships for off road bikes.

71 OM Leoncino Van 1964 “Graziella”

The van is liveried for this brand of folding bicycles which is still sold today. A simple livery but one that looks good on the substantial sides of this large van.

72 Fiat Ducato Van 1983 “GBC”

GBC are Italian electronic suppliers similar to Maplins in the UK or Radio Shack in the US. The livery is relatively simple as many were in the 80s.

73 Fiat 850T 1975 “Quercetti”

Quercetti is an established Italian toy maker. It is famous for products like “Coloredo” which allows 2D pictures to be made from coloured pins a precursor to pixel art. And the “Tor” missile which comes with a launching mechanism.

74 AlfaRomeo Romeo 2 1956 “Melegatti”

Melegatti are makers of sweets and cakes and have been in business for 120 years. They are well known for “Panettone” and the famous “Pandoro”. The livery is simple with their slogan saying a day of their product is a day of play.  The Romeo 2 has been seen before but looks good in this livery.

75 Fiat 615N Covered Truck 1958 “Olio Sasso”

Another company still in the same business today, still selling olives and olive based products. Again the truck has been seen before but looks very good in this livery.

76 Fiat 500C Van 1954 “Mutti”

This nice model is in the livery of Mutti which is still in business today having been in the same business for around a hundred years. Based in Parma they specialise in tomato based products like tinned chopped and peeled tomatoes, concentrates and Passata, as well as pizza toppings and even Ketchup. The logo on the current products is recognisably the same as the one on the van and has probably been in use since the companies early days.

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