Trip Report to Sandown Park, England, Toy Fair

By Marcel Colijn

I visited Sandown Park on Saturday, May 28th.  It had been 18 months since I had been there, and I very much enjoyed it.  The journey from the Netherlands on Friday evening through Belgium, France and the ferry from Calais to Dover went well although customs took ages.
At Victoria station another 45 minutes was lost because of customs and a small parcel I had with me with a Rolls Royce model with a radio inside for a fellow collector had to be opened.  We finally arrived at Sandown at 8.00 in the morning.  So many vintage toys all together.
I met many old friends including Garry, Bob, Paul (who had a stand there for many years), John, Reg, Philipe and 2 friends from Belgium, Holger from Germany, Graham and more.  These are some photos taken at John Moore’s stall (who had his 71st birthday that day!)



Next to him was the stand of Bob may who had these Yesteryear sets among many other Matchbox items.


Andrew had very nice items including a boxed MOKO Excavator.


Opposite of him was a very nice stand full of vintage models.


Vectis had many nice items on display including rare Spot On models.


Another auction house had these superb tinplate toys including the GBP 16.000 (US$ 23,000) Carette model.



But of course there was more tinplate…



Some nice Matchbox giftsets from the 1964 period were on another table.


Later early 70’s Matchbox sets on another table


Paul Carr was there with a stand at Sandown for 4 years he told me. Graham Hamilton from Rockerton Toys shortly came along and had a nice box full of models which were never released, including a handmade white metal model for the Models of Yesteryear range made by a craftsman outside the Lesney Factory.




Of course there were many nice Corgi and Dinky models, this is just one of the stands with Corgi and Dinky models on sale:


This is always one of the better tables at Sandown.


Philipe Sergeant from Belgium had several Corgi items like this one.


Bob and I left for the south around 12.30 and what a lovely tour it was via Seaford and the famous chalk cliffs to Eastbourne.
It was the 2nd time to visit Bob’s collection and what an amazing collection it is. Far more models were added since my last visit and the cabinets now all have glass. Superb preproduction models, a very nice plated section and many many models most of us can only dream off…


After a lovely dinner I took the 19.00 train from Eastbourne (see photo) to Victoria for my 21.30 night coach back to the Netherlands. At 9.30 Sunday morning I was home again.  Many, many more photos from Sandown can be seen here.