Trip Report to a Toy Show in Gent, Belgium

by  Marcel Colijn

I have been to the very old city of Ghent in the south west of Belgium on 12 March to visit a model car exposition in the library in the nearby village Destelbergen. This was organised by the Belgium model car club MCCH and runs from March 3rd till March 30th.
When I visited the model car swapmeet of the Belgium Beverse Modelautofanaten on Jan 24th, one of the visitors told me about the exposition. He is one of the exhibitors.

On Saturday the library was only open to the public from 10.00 till 12.00 so I had to leave Amersfoort by the 1st train to Amsterdam at 4.51 in the morning, to catch the 5.52 train to Antwerpen. This is the magnificent Central Station of Antwerp at 8.15 on early Saturday morning!


From there, the train to Ghent…  I managed to get in the village of Destelbergen a quarter after 10.00 o’clock by local bus from Ghent St Pieters Station!

There were 15 cabinets full of toy cars at the library, each with a different theme and each from a different collector.


Etienne Haaze, the secretary of the club, was there for the day, and he told me a lot about the contents of the cabinets. Etiienne collects Renault and had a cabinet with French police cars and vans (the French police are called the Gendarmerie).


More cabinets in the exhibition:


There was much more to see, old Dinky Toys, old Solido etc etc.

The other cabinets and more detailed pictures can be viewed here.
Under each photo there is a >. You can click on the v or > for the next photo.

It was a very nice sunny day, so I visited the city of Ghent afterwards and went to the nice museum of fine arts for an exhibition. A visit to a close girl friend in late afternoon, and I was back in Amersfoort just after midnight, so a long day.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. The exhibition is open until March 30th.

Address of the venue:
Bibliotheek (Library) Destelbergen
Dendermondesteenweg 420
9070 Destelbergen, Belgium
(Near Ghent)

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