Toys in Nuremberg

By Fabrizio Panico


Photographs were taken by the Author and appear after the text below.


Nuremberg is an ideal place to establish a Toy Museum. From the doll makers of medieval times and the tin toy industries of the 19th and 20th centuries, to the present International Toy Fair, Nuremberg has always been the most famous “toy town” in the world.

The Nuremberg Toy Museum opened in 1971 in the very heart of the Old Town, near the famous Hauptmarkt. Based on the collection of Lydia and Paul Bayer, its collection comprises more than 70,000 items, about 5% currently displayed, the rest safely in their stores, but all are made accessible “virtually” by web displays of technical information and pictures.

From the wooden toys on the ground floor to the dolls (with their incredible houses and shops) and Lehmann toys on the first floor, the “Tin World” (vehicles, trains, boats etc) on the second floor and the more recent toys (post Second World War) on the third floor, you will be amazed by all the beautiful toys. A Museum Shop on the ground floor offers publications and selected toys.

I will limit my pictures of this wonderful museum to the displays of road vehicles. If you are interested in other toys then you may see the web site at

Almost all the toys displayed are of German origin, with a few foreign ones to provide a comparison, the most striking example being the Märklin Metallbaukasten and Meccano and their derivatives. However, you will find that there are many more foreign models in store and viewable via the web site.

Worth a visit indeed!


01 – a beautiful display of penny toys

02 – the VW set by DUX

03 – the VW set by DUX

04 – Gunthermann Studebaker and Tipp & Co limousine

05 – VW Transporters by Tipp & Co

06 – VW Transporters by Tipp & Co

07 – Distler Porsche and Tipp & Co Mercedes

08 – Schuco display

09 – Schuco Mirakocar

10 – Volkspolizei Wartburg 353 by Schockwellenreiter Modellauto (DDR)

11 – Lehmann GNOM tin fire engine

12 – Bing limousine

13 – Distler limousine

14 – Märklin Auto-baukasten truck

15 – Märklin Auto-baukasten set

16 – Märklin Aerodynamic and Mercedes

17 – Aero-Car by Blomer & Schuler

18 – Lehmann GNOM models

19 – Lehmann Deutsche Reichspost van

20 – Lehmann cars

21 – Lehmann in DDR : the Sportwagen no. 512 by VEB Mechanische Spielwaren

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