Top Speed Land Rover Discovery Sport L550

By Matt Beaumont

The Land Rover Discovery Sport (codename L550) is a compact luxury SUV produced by British automotive company Land Rover. The vehicle went on sale during September 2014, with first deliveries in early 2015. It replaced the Freelander 2 in a revised Land Rover range of vehicles, with Discovery joining Range Rover as a sub-brand.

The Discovery Sport is based on the D8 Platform for off-road applications (Shared with Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar E-Pace). It is powered by a range of four cylinder petrol and diesel engines. A three cylinder Hybrid is due to follow. Discovery Sport is the only version available in both five and seven seat layouts.

Official Publicity shot from Land Rover Copyright acknowledged.

The Model

I would like to say that this review is based on my own opinion, and my views of the model that I have bought. It is made by Top Speed (TSM) and I believe that it is currently only officially available through the Land Rover Dealer Network in a Land Rover branded box. 

The model is a sealed resin item presented on a black base with a metal plaque to one corner, the car depicted is the pre facelift Discovery Sport HSE Luxury in Corris Grey with a panoramic roof and 20″ Style 5089, 5 split-spoke, Gloss Silver alloy wheels.

The Exterior

It’s finish is up to TSM / Top Speed‘s usual standards and is a very good representation of the subject matter. Care has to be taken when handling, especially the panoramic roof as it is a sheet of thin clear plastic and can deform easily and could possibly be dislodged. The lighting is very nicely modelled both front and rear. The badging is well realised using well applied decals. It wears a set of dealer, “showroom”, Land Rover plates.

The wheels, tyres and brake assemblies have been done very well with wheel nuts, tyre valves, and centre caps all clearly visible and the brake calipers painted a silver grey colour. Sadly there are no tyre branding markings present.

The Base

As is usual with most of these large scale resin models the underside is fairly plain. Here there is little to be seen with just the Top Speed logo and a very basic moulded exhaust and suspension.

The Interior

As is usual with these sealed resin models, like their 1:43 scale counterparts, what you can normally see of the interior is very limited as peering through the windows only gives a limited view. Fortunately with an SUV you have quite a big glass area and on this vehicle the added bonus of a Panoramic roof that allows a good view of the interior. That said it’s still quite a dark place but there is some really nice detailing in the car giving a true representation of the subject matter,  I took the model apart to get some more pictures and as you can see they show that there is some nice detailing in places,  but nothing particularly special.

In Summary

TSM Top Speed have done a very good job on this vehicle. Based on the models I have had from them in the past, more reviews to follow, they are now expected to produce a high standard of models. I hope that they keep up the good work!

The U.K Land Rover Dealer price for this model is competitive, and Land Rover are to be commended for not ‘loading’ the price in the way that some makers do. Long may this continue,

In my opinion TSM‘s standard of finish is to a higher standard than competitors like Otto mobile, B.O.S and even GT Spirit. Perhaps closer to the standards set by Spark, the better Look Smarts (LS) and Technomodels.

I can recommend this model to anyone who collects off-roaders, SUVs, or to anyone who owns a Discovery Sport and wants a model of their pride and joy.  If you want to get one have a look at the official Land Rover web site’s model car section. It is available on the UK website with product code/part number of 51LDDC005GYW. I am not sure what the availability will be outside the UK as not all countries local Land Rover sites will carry the full range of official Land Rover models.

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