The Vespa in Miniature – Part Four “Small Frames”

By Dave Turner

A table listing all known models and photographs of some by the Author can be seen after the article.

These budget level machines were briefly mentioned in an earlier article. They were conceived in order take advantage of the absence of regulation for 50cc motor cycles in Italy and a few other countries. Previously the realm of mopeds Piaggio created these diminutive but similarly ‘Vespa-styled’ scooters to grab a bit of the market. They became known by the term ‘smallframes’ to distinguish them from the established ‘full-size’ Vespas and from their initial introduction in 1962 became big sellers and lasted into the 1990s, by which time over 4 million had been sold around the world.
In 1964 two variants of the 50 were produced, the 50N and the 50S, the latter boasting 4 speeds, and in 1972 it was still going strong with four versions selling well.  The Special and Elestart had square headlights while the 50N and Sprinter retained the traditional circular pattern.

Models of the smallest engined Vespa have come in all sizes from 1:43 to 1:12, the smallest being the little plastic item from Vitesse that often accompanied a 1:43 Fiat 500 although the example here came in its own box marked ‘1955’ for some reason. A tad larger are the 1:32 examples of the 50SS from CLM while slightly bigger again at 1:24 is the 50 Elestart from Mercury and the 50s from Tamiya, the latter forming part of a plastic collection called ‘Campus Friends’ comprising five figures and a kit to build the Vespa.
Maisto/Edicola are the principle makers of little Vespas and they have provided 1:18 scale 50s in regular; 50L Luxury: 50 special and Elestart versions.

A 1:13 diecast 50R found by the Author has no makers mark visible, the box must have been mislaid, and the make regrettably forgotten. A fraction larger at 1:12 are the Minichamps 50R and 50 Special, while these weren’t inexpensive, at least £25, they do offer removable both engine cover and spare wheel behind the apron.
IN 1964 the 90cc version arrived, the larger engine in the small light frame providing much livelier performance. Spanish built versions of the 90 were imported into the UK, the little 50cc not being sold here until 1968. A 90SS Super Sport version arrived in 1965 and provided a performance that could match 200cc engined machines. They featured narrower legshields while the spare wheel was located between the riders knees, topped off by a dummy fuel tank that doubled as a toolbox.

Models of the sporty 90SS in 1:32 came from both New Ray and Hi Tech while in the larger 1:18 size Maisto/Edicola have produced the 90 Sella Lunga as well as the 90SS.

An even bigger engine was put into the smallframe Vespa in 1966 when the 125 version arrived. This was called the Primevera and developed into the 125 ET3 – indication electronic ignition and a third port in the engine layout, and eventually the ET3 Vintage.
Starting with the smallest, New Ray did a 1:32 scale ET3 while the inevitable Maisto/Edicola operation offered the 125 in both Primevera and ET3 forms.

The many models of these ‘smallframe’ Vespas reflect the number of variants in the series. Even though there is very little significant visual difference between many of the models it is interesting to see that what small changes took place are reflected in the various models. For example, the shape of the speedometer, the design of tail light and location of toolbox are all depicted – if you know what to look for.

Model LIsting
Vitesse Portugal 50 1:43 plastic
Edicola China AC046 50 1:18 diecast
Edicola China AC017 90 Sella Lunga 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 39540 90 Sella Lunga 1:18 diecast
New Ray China 2014 90SS 1:32 diecast
Maisto China 3187 90SS 1:18 diecast
CLM HiTech 024 50SS 1:32
CLM HiTech 016 90SS 1:32
Edicola China AC013 50L 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 4333 50L 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 4274 125 Primevera 1:18 diecast
Edicola China AC009 125 Primevera 1:18 diecast
New Ray China 57553 125 Primevera 1:12 diecast
Edicola China AC012 50 Special 1:18 diecast
Edicola China AC003 90SS 1:18 diecast
Edicola China AC043 50 Elestart 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 4277 50 Special 1:18 diecast
Mercury 553 50 Elestart 1:24 diecast
Minichamps China 122129600 50R 1:12 diecast
Minichamps China 122129620 50 Special 1:12 diecast
Minichamps China 122129660 125 Primevera 1:12 diecast
Tamiya Japan 2434-500 50S 1:24 plastic kit
Unknown 50R 1:13 diecast
Edicola China AC007 125 Primevera ET3 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 4276 125 Primevera ET3 1:18 diecast
New Ray China 6047 125 Primevera ET3 1:32 diecast



Vitesse 1:43 plastic from Portugal: 1963 Vespa 50

Maisto 1:18 diecast from China: 4333, 1966 50L

Unknown make 1:13 diecast: 1972 50R

Minichamps 1:12 diecast from China: 122129600, 1972 50R

Maisto 1:18 diecast from China: 4274, 1968 125 Primevera.

Maisto 1:18 diecast from China: 4276, 1976 125 Primevera ET3.

Tamiya 1:24 plastic kit from Japan: 2434-500, 1972 50s

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