The Vespa in Miniature – Part Five

By Dave Turner

1966 to 2000

Detailed model listings and photographs of some of the models appear after the text.

By the mid 1960s the Traditional 125 line had reached the GT and subsequent GTR that continued through to the re-styled P series in 1978. The 150 that ran alongside was called the Sprint until 1969 and then Sprint Veloce with uprated engine until the arrival of the P Series. Top of the range was the 180 Rally and this developed into the Rally 200 in 1972 and that eventually got electronic ignition becoming the Rally 200 Electronic.

A short lived combination was the 125TS – Turismo Sport, and that combined the body of the Rally 200 with the 125cc engine and lasting for three years from 1975.

For 1978 Piaggio launched the New Line series P125, P150 and P200E based on a new frame that was significantly larger than before and featuring more angular lines with indicator lights built into the bodywork. Spain produced its own version of the P200E from 1981 and called it 200DN. From these, the PK Series arrived in 1983 featuring a restyled head/speedometer assembly and a larger toolbox inside the legshields together with a combined ignition switch and fork lock. The final development of the traditional Vespa came with the Millennium Edition for 2000, identified by having the Vespa name put back into a script.

As far as models are concerned the majority are provided by the Maisto/Edicola operation with a few additional alternatives by New Ray. The plastic kit by Imai was a very detailed production but extremely delicate when finished while that from Grisoni is simplicity in the extreme consisting of just twelve parts..

From Italy, the big Ellegi model came as either a static model with a stand or motorised with the batteries either in the hand control of the remote example or in the model in the case of the radio controlled version. Meanwhile from Spain the MIRA diecast model has twin rear wheels and a pull-back mechanism.

Vespa models 1966-2000
Edicola China AC 026 125GT 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 5082 125GT 1:18 diecast
New Ray China 6047 180 Rally 1:32 diecast
Maisto China 4343 150 Sprint Veloce 1:18 diecast
Edicola China AC 034 125 GTR 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 5090 125 GTR 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 4275 200 Rally 1:18 diecast
Edicola China AC 010 200 Rally 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 43341 125 TS 1:18 diecast
Edicola China AC 015 125 TS 1:18 diecast
New Ray China P200E 1:32 diecast
Edicola China AC 005 P150X 1:18 diecast
Edicola China AC 042 P200E 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 4272 P150X 1:18 diecast
New Ray China 6046 P200E 1:32 diecast
New Ray China 42213 P200E 1:12 plastic
Smart Toys 20048 P150X 1:32 diecast
Imai Japan B958 P200E 1:12 plastic kit
Ellegi Italy 200PX 1:6 plastic
Grisoni Italy 396/6 P200 1:27 plastic kit
MIRA Spain 809 200DN 1:14 diecast
Edicola China AC 016 PK125 Automatica 1:18 diecast
Maisto China PK 125 1:18 diecast
Maisto China 39540 PK125 Automatica 1:18 diecast
New Ray China 6047 125TS Pole Position 1:32 diecast
Edicola China AC 031 PK125 1:18 diecast
Edicola China AC 041 PX150 1:18 diecast

Illustrations: Vespa part 5


MIRA 1:14 diecast from Spain

809, 1981 200DN, Spanish version of the P200, this three wheeled model stands up on its own.

Grisoni 1:27 plastic kit from Italy

396/6, 1978 P200 featuring some over-scale wheels.

Maisto 1:18 diecast from China

4275, 1972 200 Rally.

Maisto 1:18 diecast from China

4272, 1978 P150X.

Edicola 1:18 diecast from China

AC 041 1999150 PX, a few subtle differences from illustration 4 – horn cover and badge at the top of the apron.

Ellegi 1:6 plastic from Italy

1978 200PX, this is the remote control version with the batteries in the hand control and driven stabiliser wheels under the footboards.

Imai 1:12 plastic kit from Japan

B958, 1978 P200E

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