The Ford Car in Miniature – CL9000/CLT9000 Trucks

By Dave Turner

Photographs of the models and a table summarising their details can be found at the base of the article.  

For 1978 Ford replaced the W Series of top end trucks that had run from mid 1966 with the all-new CL9000/CLT9000. These tractor units were built to the highest quality to compete with the best that Freightliner and Kenworth had on offer.

The CLT9000 was equipped with a Reyco tandem axle while Cummins KT or KTA engines were employed. No less than five lengths of cab ranging from non-sleepers to narrow and double sleepers while among the dress-up packages came the choice of stacked dual headlights. A lightweight package had the truck built with much aluminium while from the early 1980s, the range was extended to include rigid trucks as well as tractor units.

By the end of 1991, Ford found that they required more production space, and left the high end of the truck market by discontinuing the last of the large tilt-cab Fords.

As far as models go, there is a rather disparate selection of small CLT9000s from tiny die cast toys and plastic kits to quite impressively large steel toys.

AMT plastic kits have appeared under several shared names, their 1:32 CLT9000 tractor unit came under both Matchbox and Ertl banners. These were Snap kits requiring no adhesive, and came in coloured plastic that need not be painted together with many plated parts. The 1982 AMT/Matchbox catalogue included a couple of semi-trailer box vans in kit form that were suitable to accompany these. A larger plastic kit for the same vehicle came from the Japanese Imai range, their 1:28 scale CLT9000 appears on ebay from time to time, if unbuilt for three figure sums.

Ertls 1:64 diecast miniature CLT9000 came with three different trailers, a box van, a flatbed carrying a large ‘I’ beam and a grain carrier. The cab that appears to be the largest 110” BBC (bumper to back of cab) tilts to reveal a simple plated plastic ‘engine’. The body of both the grain trailer and box van are plastic on a diecast base while the rear doors on both open.

Majorette offered some 1:87 diecast CLT9000 units with a variety of trailers, and despite their small scale featured some reasonably nice wheels, rather than toy whizz-wheel type. Remaining in this scale some plastic kits came from the German arm of Revell featuring CLT 9000 tractor units in two cab sizes and car carrier and flatbed trailers. Shortly after, similar kits utilising the same tooling were sold in the US under the Lindberg banner. These kits while being quite inexpensive feature some well produced plated parts.
Even smaller are the Hot Wheels CLTs from Mattel, first appearing in 1982 with the then familiar Hot Wheels plated base/bumper component, they had a second lease of life around 2002, with simplified body castings and plated plastic base/bumper. The dump truck was also passed off as a stake truck but unlike most other Hot Wheels creations these little trucks are quite acceptable models of their chosen subject.

At the other end of the scale Nylint produced some 1:25 steel toy CLT9000s in both semi trailer and rigid form and with two sizes of cab. The all shared the same three axle chassis, have simple plastic cab interiors and feature stick-on decals for their sign writing.

Ford CL9000/CLT9000

AMT USA 1982-88 6786 CLT 9000 Tractor unit 1:32 Plastic kit
Matchbox 6805 Same kit
Ertl Hong Kong 1980 1453 CLT9000 110” cab Box trailer 255mm 1:64 Diecast/plastic
Ertl Hong Kong 1980 1454 CLT9000 110” cab Grain Trailer 255mm 1:64 Diecast/Plastic
Ertl Hong Kong 1980 1459 CLT9000 100” cab Flatbed 255mm 1:64 Diecast/Plastic
Imai Japan 1980 964 CLT9000 Tractor unit 1:28 Plastic kit
Majorette France 1986-94 601 CLT9000 Low loader w helicopter 205mm 1:87 Diecast
Majorette France 1988-94 602 CLT9000 Low loader w Front loader 205mm 1:87 diecast
Majorette France 1988-94 604 CLT9000 Box van trailer 1:87 Diecast
Majorette France 1988-94 605 CLT9000 Tanker trailer 1:87 Diecast
Majorette France 1988-94 607 CLT9000 Container trailer 1:87 Diecast
Majorette France 1988-94 615 CLT9000 Low loader w stock car 1:87 Diecast
Majorette France 1988-94 616 CLT9000 Low loader w bulldozer 1:87 Diecast
Majorette France 1988-94 618 CLT9000 Low loader w Seaplane 1:87 Diecast
Revell Germany 1984 2102 CLT9000 110” cab w flatbed trailer 1:87 Plastic kit
Revell Germany 1984 2104 CLT9000 64” cab w Car Carrier trailer 177mm 1:87 Plastic kit
Lindberg USA 1986 1047 CLT9000 110” cab box van trailer 1:87 Plastic kit
Lindberg USA 1986 1056 CLT9000 110” cab w flat bed trailer 1:87 Plastic kit
Mattel Malaysia 1982/02 3253 CLT9000 64” cab Dump truck 68mm 1:95 Diecast/plastic
Mattel Malaysia 1982/02 4018 CLT9000 64” cab Stake bed truck 68mm 1:95 Diecast/plastic
Mattel Malaysia 1983/02 3916 CLT9000 64” cab wrecker 73mm 1:95 Diecast/plastic
Nylint USA 1988 9116 CLT9000 110” cab box trailer 525mm 1:25 Steel
Nylint USA 1988 9150 CLT9000 64” cab refuse truck 323mm 1:25 Steel
Nylint USA 1988 CLT9000 64” cab box van 262mm 1:25 Steel
Nylint USA 1988 CLT9000 110” cab log trailer 1:25 Steel


Models pictured – Ford CL9000/CLT9000

Illustration 1 Ertl CLT9000Ertl 1:64 diecast/plastic from Hong Kong: 1453 Semi box van trailer “Ford Tractors Equipment”

Illustration 2 Ertl grain trailerErtl 1:64 diecast/plastic from Hong Kong: 1454 Semi grain trailer.

Illustration 3 Ertl flat bed trailerErtl 1:64 diecast from Hong Kong: 1459 Flatbed trailer with girder load.

Illustration 4 MajoretteMajorette 1:87 diecast from France: 602 low-loader trailer with front loader digger.

Illustration 5 Revell car carrierRevell 1:87 plastic kit from Germany: 2104 Short cab with Car Carrier Trailer.

Illustration 6 Revell flatbed trailerRevell 1:87 plastic kit from Germany: 2102 Double sleeper cab with flat bed trailer.

Illustration 7 Lindberg 1047Lindberg 1:87 plastic kit from USA: 1047 with box van trailer.

Illustration 8 Lindberg 1056Lindberg 1:87 plastic kit from USA: 1056 with flat bed trailer.

Illustration 9 Hot Wheels 3253Hot Wheels 1:95 diecast/plastic from Malaysia: 3253 dump truck “Sunset Trucking” 1982 issue

Illustration 10 Hot wheels 3916Hot Wheels 1:95 diecast/plastic from Malaysia: 3916 Wrecker “Autocity Tow” 2002 issue.

Illustration 11 Nylint 9116Nylint 1:25 steel from USA: 9116 Double sleeper cab with box van trailer “Motorcraft Parts”

Illustration 12 Nylint 9150Nylint 1:25 steel from USA: 9150 “Trash Masher”refuse truck – lever on the side operates “masher”

Illustration 13 Nylint box vanNylint 1:25 steel from USA : Box van “Motorcraft Batteries”


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