The Fine Line Between Same and Different

Dear Editor:

It is very embarrassing to admit but my husband is much better at picking colors than I will ever be.  Whether for a new bed duvet, picture mats & frames or even what trim paint to put on the mailbox –he wins hands down.

I think this skill comes from being able to ID collector model car colors with just a glance.   I will admit that in my uninformed eyes a red 1963 Tekno looks exactly the same color as the  red 1983 Alfa Romero [sic].   My wise husband just shakes his head and points out the ‘obvious’ difference: the lighter cast in the Tekno and the much redder undertones in the Alfa.    I really do stare intently, but sorry red is red.  I think my internal color wheel has probably 15 maybe 20 definitive colors but his must be infinite.   So I am always a little puzzled on the collecting mindset.  Do you want one in every color that was ever produced or just your favorites?   Is it the small variation that is most interesting or just the different body styles?  I cannot predict his choice.

Just don’t get him started on all the different colors of chrome.

Margie, the color blind spouse


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