The Corvette That Smells Good

by Frank Koh

I snagged this Avon Corvette fragrance decanter at my favorite source for vintage collectibles and LP records earlier this year. Truth be told, the Avon catalogs from the good old days really had some neat and desirable stuff!

Around 1968, Avon Products, Inc. introduced a line of car-themed aftershave decanters, one of which was this 1965 Corvette. The popular Avon scents such as Spicy, Wind Country, Deep Woods, etc. found their way into car-shaped bottles that most likely encouraged the gearheads of the day to collect as many glass vehicles as they could. Don’t you wish that today’s Avon Ladies would offer neat items such as these from the Avon catalog?

This Corvette’s a little smaller than 1/34 scale and not the most accurate rendering of the vehicle, but what it may lack in scale fidelity and realism, it more than makes up for in old school charm.

Take note of the box art. The image looks like a cross between a second generation 1965 Corvette and a third generation 1968 Corvette, and it actually looks pretty good. Considering that the line of car-themed Avon aftershave bottles was released around 1968, the illustrator probably confused the all-new body of the ’68 with the oh-so-different previous generation ’65 Corvette. It’s this kind of trivia that makes collecting old stuff so much fun.

The rear portion is green-tinted clear plastic, and serves as screw-on the bottle cap for this really neat and collectible Avon fragrance decanter.

Only knowledgeable Corvette mavens would notice the error on the front label of the box. The ’63-’67 second generation Corvette was a “Sting Ray” (two words) and the ’68-’82 third generation Corvette was a “Stingray” (one word), though for model year 1968 the car was only identified as a “Corvette”. But I’m just nit-picking because I’m sleepy.

Late sixties tech lingo. Whoever composed this interesting write-up forgot that for model year 1965, a 396 cubic-inch big block V8 became available as an option on the Corvette for the very first time. Apparently the new-for-’65 styling cues and the disc brakes would have been more significant to users of Avon products.

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