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Small Scale Review: Greenlight and John Day

First Published: May 2014


Anchorman Channel 4 News Team Van, 1:64 scale

Greenlight have re-released the Anchorman Channel 4 News Team van to coincide with the sequel just released. The new tooling includes a satellite dish, new wheels and stairs.

Airstream Travel Trailer, 1:43 and 1:64 scale

Greenlight has a new licensing agreement with Airstream, maker of the ‘silver bullet’ travel trailer, and will now produce a range of of vintage and modern American trailers in 1:64 and 1:43 scale.


John Day Vehicle Scenics

1:76 scale white metal kits made in UK

Casting Photographs by Daryle Toney.

Two new sets of castings have been produced recently for Daryle Toney who now owns the John Day Vehicle Scenics range.These kits are mainly aimed at railway modellers and are made in a simple set of parts: body; base plate with cast-in seats; separate wheels, a new feature under Daryle Toney; a steering wheel in most cases; and vacform.

Set One

This includes a re-issue of an old model and two adaptations of previous models to create entirely new models.

SRV 70 Riley RMA

The original casting was a popular one capturing the Riley very well. The new casting is rather cleaner and has the new-style wheels which are separate parts which have a small lug on the bag which fit into pre-cast holes in the baseplate.

SRV 110 Hillman Minx series I-III

This model has been adapted from the existing Sunbeam Rapier casting. A neat conversion, it even includes a dashboard with the characteristic central instrument cluster. Whilst called a series I to III no vehicle could cover all these generations since they had different grilles and the series III had rollover wings at the rear. Looking at the series Minx the model is closest to the series II Minx of 1957.   

SRV 111 Morris 1/2 ton Van

This is a new casting adapted from the Austin A55 Van that has been in the range for some time. The new casting is much cleaner than the old Austin casting, and the Morris grille has been very neatly done.

Set Two

These are all upgraded from previously released models and significant work has been undertaken to clean up the masters and to incorporate the new separate wheels featuring on all the new releases.

SRV 03 Riley 2.5 Litre DHC

This is a re-work of another Riley. These models have always been popular with buyers and the improved kit is the only way to get this vehicle in 1:76 scale.

SRV 65 Austin A70 Hereford

Another re-work. Again a popular seller and the only way to get a model of this vehicle in 1:76 scale.

SRV 79 Austin 16HP Saloon

A relative newcomer to the range re-worked. A nice model of a car which should be popular on railway layouts. Perhaps the Austin 8 in the range will be re-mastered in the future too.

Photographs of the new castings may be seen in the gallery below.

John Day Vehicle Scenics SRV70 Riley RMA 1:76

The gallery below shows the Editor’s photographs of two of the John Day Models shown as castings above. These models were made up by the Editor. The models shown are the Hillman Minx Convertible and the Morris Van. In both cases the castings were much cleaner than those supplied in the original range. Small criticisms can be made, the Hillman Minx steering wheel is generic and it would have been nicer if it had had the two spokes that the Minx featured rather than three, for example. Once again this range has made kits available of vehicles which we may not ever see modelled by anyone else.

As usual the models make up quite easily even for someone with little time and only average skills.


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