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News from the Continent June/July 2016 – Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here are the products announced by Schuco for release in June and July 2106

June 2016

Edition 1:43

18620 Schuco 450266700_00 450266700 Opel Olympia Caravan “Messerschmitt Service” with trailer, loaded with a cabin scooter

Edition 1:10

18621 Schuco 450664900 450664900 Hercules K 50 RL motorcycle, red.

Edition 1:87

18622 Schuco 452621600452621600 Volkswagen T1 delivery van “Persil washing powder”

Aviation 1:600

18623 Schuco 403551672403551672 Airbus A340-300 “Cathay Pacific”

18624 Schuco 403551660403551660 Boeing B777-300 “Air France”

18625 Schuco 403551662403551662 Airbus A321 “Swiss International Airlines”

18626 Schuco 403551643_00_00403551643 Airbus A350-900 “German Lufthansa”

July 2016 Releases


18627 Schuco 450117900_00450117900 Piccolo Pop-Art Edition I “Mercedes 1936”

Edition 1:43

18628 Schuco 450278800450278800 Hanomag R40 tractor with roof

18629 Schuco 450284600450284600 MAN 4 S2 tractor

# 18630 450219000 BMW 3,0 CSL Coupe, golf yellow

18631 Schuco 450374000450374000 Volkswagen T1c Pickup with trailer, loaded with Allgaier tractor

18632 Schuco 450305500450305500 Opel Blitz pickup “HOREX” loaded with motorcycles Horex Regina

18633 Schuco 450238800450238800 DKW Schnelllaster “DKW” with trailer, loaded with motorcycles DKW RT 125 and DKW RT 350

Edition PRO.R43

18634 Schuco 450899600 450899600 Ford GT40 “Le Mans camera car”

Edition 1:32

18635 Schuco 450769700450769700 Lanz Ackerluft tractor with trailer “Schenker”


18636 Schuco 450028500450028500 Volkswagen T1b Delivery van “Martini”

18637 Schuco 450036600450036600 Volkswagen T1b Delivery van “Persil washing powder”

Edition PRO.R18

18638 Schuco 450008500450008500 Kleinschnittger F-125 roadster – silver metallic

Edition 1:87

18639 Schuco 452620900452620900 Porsche 911 (991) Carrera S Coupe – white

18640 Schuco 452622200452622200 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Coupe, red

Aviation 1:600

18641 Schuco 403551664403551664 Concorde “Singapore Airlines/British Airways

18642 Schuco 403551663403551663 Airbus A380-800 “Thai Airlines”

Aviation 1:250

18643 Schuco 403551669403551669 Junkers Ju52 “Manfred von Richthofen”

18644 Schuco 403551670403551670 Concorde „Singapore Airlines/British Airways“


18645 Schuco 450148200450148200 Microracer 1046 “Volkswagen Beetle, white/blue”


18646 Schuco 450955100450955100 Mini-Display I with Piccolo Mini van and Piccolo Morgan +8

18647 Schuco 450569500450569500 Mercedes-Benz /8 saloon

18648 Schuco 450570500450570500 Dodge Charger “General Lee”

Edition 1:43

18649 Schuco 450345500450345500 Borgward B2500 pickup “Messerschmitt Service”,  loaded with Messerschmitt cabin scooter

Edition PRO.R43

18650 Schuco 450896500450896500 Auwärter Bus “Shell Racing Service”

Edition 1:18

18651 Schuco 450039500450039500 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet – white

18652 Schuco 450039000450039000 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Coupe – crimson

Military 1:87

18653 Schuco 452624100452624100 Marder 1A2 armoured personnel carrier “German Bundeswehr”

18654 Schuco 452624200452624200 Marder 1A2 armoured personnel carrier “Camouflage”

18655 Schuco 452625200452625200 Mercedes-Benz LG 315 “German Bundeswehr” drivers cab with foldable roof

18656 Schuco 452625300452625300 Mercedes-Benz LG 315 “German Bundeswehr” closed driver cabin

Aviation 1:600

18657 Schuco 403551671403551671 Boeing B747-400 “Delta Airlines”

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Atlas Motorcycles Series – Bultaco Sherpa

The Atlas Motorcycles series sold in the UK has plastic and metal models to 1:24 scale made in China by Ixo. It is no co-incidence that many of the models appeared first in the Ixo Museum series. The models are generally to a high standard for part works.

Bultaco was a Spanish manufacturer of two-stroke motorcycles from 1958 to 1983 founded by Francesc “Paco” Bultó who had been a director of the Montesa motorcycle company but left to form Bultaco.  Although they made road and road racing motorcycles, the company’s area of dominance was off-road, in motocross, enduros, and observed trials competition.


Perhaps the most famous Bultaco model is the Sherpa T, a trials bike, which revolutionised the sport in the 1960s. At that time trials was almost exclusively a British sport using big heavy four-stroke machines. Irish trials ace Sammy Miller teamed with Bultó to produce a lightweight two-stroke machine which, overnight, rendered the heavy four-strokes obsolete. Miller won the gruelling Scottish Six Days Trial in 1965, and then repeated the feat with wins in 1967 and 1968. He also claimed the European Trials Championship in 1968 and 1970. This coincided with and, perhaps, stimulated the growth in the popularity of trials in Europe and later the USA, which provided a lucrative market for Bultaco in the years to come. Bultaco dominated the World Trials Championship in the 1970s, winning the title eight times, and winning the Scottish Six Days Trial four times.


The Sherpa T as modelled by Ixo for Atlas replaced the Sherpa N in 1965 it had an enlarged 244cc engine. The model is generally good with lots of details such as the protective cover under the engine. However the Cylinder head has a large gap between it and the Cylinder which is a shame because otherwise this is a very good model though it does suffer from the usual, for this series, headlight pointing upwards at a most unrealistic angle.

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