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More Mercedes Promotional Models

By Fabrizio Panico

All photographs taken by the Author.

All the models shown here have been made by iScale for Mercedes-Benz to use as promotional items and to sell in their sales operations. They are made to 1:18 scale and feature many opening components a great deal of detail.


The first one is a 2016 E-Class (W213) saloon “AMG Line” in what Mercedes calls “designo selenite gray magno”, matt grey in simpler words (Mercedes Benz no. B6.696.0379).

In reality the “AMG Line” is only a trim level of a comfort oriented luxury saloon, not one offering a sports experience and handling of a real AMG. A conservative exterior clothes a fabulous cabin, rich in technology and really comfortable for passengers, coupled to a powerful engine and an obedient gearbox.

The model is very accurate, all four doors are opening, like the hood and the trunk. Dashboard and interiors are well reproduced, same for the transparent roof, engine and chassis. Metal die cast body and plastic components.



The second model is a 2016 GLC Coupé (C253) in “brilliant blue” (MB no. B6.696.0805).

According to Mercedes it “combines the powerful figure of an SUV and dynamic shapes of a Coupé” : its exterior tries to be sleek, but the shape is a bit massive (like many SUVs). Perhaps not to everyone taste, but that seems to be the future philosophy. It is really a sporty coupé, with the ability to tackle a little bit of off roadaction. It is rich in comfort and technology like all recent Mercedes.

The model’s body is metal die cast with the usual plastic components. It is hand assembled from over 120 parts. All four doors can be opened, as well as the hood and the tailgate. Quality is high, as usual, with engine and chassis faithfully reproduced.



The third one is a 2016 C-Class cabriolet (A205) in “designo diamond white bright” (MB no. B6.696.0613).

How to enjoy summer all year long. A car for every season of the year thanks to the optional equipment available, like the AIRCAP system (an automatic wind deflector, causing the airflow to describe an arc above the passenger compartment), the AIRSCARF (heating for the head area) already seen on previous cabriolets, and the fully automatic fabric top which can operate at up to 50 km/h.

As usual the model’s body is metal die cast, with plastic components. Doors, hood and trunk can be opened, engine and chassis are well reproduced. There is a nice plastic reproduction of the fabric top, in order to display the model in open or closed form.

The cabin is fully detailed with even air vents picked out out.

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DeAgostini Mercedes-Benz Part Work for UK

By Maz Woolley



Collectors who have previously purchased models from DeAgostini here in the UK are being sent fliers for a Mercedes-Benz collection being launched by DeAgostini UK. This appears to be very similar to the series sold on a monthly basis in Germany. The UK DeAgostini website only shows pictures of the 300SL, 190SL and the 230SL. All the models shown appear to be derived from castings already made available in other part work series and budget ranges.

The German DeAgostini website shows the following as part of the German series but they do not show the 190SL promised as the second in the UK range.  Of course there is no guarantee that all the items sold in the German series will appear in the one for the UK.

  • G300 1993
  • 260D 1936
  • 600 Pullman 1963
  • 300SEL 6.3 1968
  • 150 Roadster 1935
  • SLR McLaren 2004
  • 200D 1976
  • Typ G4 1938
  • 300SLR 1955
  • 220SE Convertible 1958
  • Mercedes-Simplex 40PS 1902
  • 350SL 1971
  • SSK 1928
  • SLS AMG 2009
  • 500K Autobahnkurier 1934
  • C111 /11 1970
  • 500SEC 1980

If any reader is collecting the German series or the UK one we would be very interested to receive pictures and information about this part work.

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