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News from the Continent 12/2015: Wiking

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Wiking releases from December 2015 are listed below with photographs provided by the makers. Most models are made in plastic in Germany and Poland with some models in larger scales made in China.

New Models

1:87 Scale
0378 10  Lemken power harrow Zirkon 12
0378 20  Lemken compact disc harrow Heliodor 9
 0646 07  Winter Service – Mercedes-Benz flatbed dumper with snow plough
0693 26  Mercedes-Benz NG with low-loading trailer “THW”
0861 34  Mercedes-Benz Short nose truck with flat bed “Fire Service”
0676 06  Volvo F89  artic. rear tipper
0678 49  Mercedes-Benz Arocs three-way-tipper
0536 03  Mercedes-Benz Actros artic. 30´tank container truck
1:160 Scale
0923 02  Land Rover
0938 03  Volkswagen T5 GP panel truck

 1:32 Scale

 # 17732    0778 19  Kuhn Big Baler LSB 1290 iD
 # 17733    0778 15  Valtra T174 with front loader
 # 17734/17735    0773 46  Amazone sprayer UX 11200
 # 17736    0778 16  Grimme bunker harvester SE 260

Updated Models

A number of models have been released in updated form including this rather nice set to 1:87 scale with petrol pump and kiosk along with another building and a petrol tanker and tow truck.
0990 89  Set “Gasolin gas station”

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News from the Continent: Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here is news of some of Schuco’s releases in the final quarter of 2015. All are produced in China for Germany and most are diecast.


450111400  Pop Art Edition I – “Studio1” – orange
450949900  Letter Case without content


450776500  Fuchs Excavator 301 – blue
17792 Schuco 450776500


450027700  Volkswagen T1 Box van “Märklin”
17793 Schuco 450027700


450657200   DKW RT 350 S Solo with spoked wire wheel rims
17794 Schuco 450657200


452613200  Ferrari 458 Italia
452613900  Porsche 918 Spyder
452614000  Porsche 918 Spyder “Salzburg Design”
452616500  Porsche 911 (991) Targa 4S


# 17799   403551646  Airbus A330-300 – German Lufthansa
 17799 Schuco 403551646


450502600  Land Rover Defender “Happy Birthday 2015” 450167800  Porsche 356A Coupe “Edelweiss Classic 2015”
450589600  MAN Racing car transporter loaded with 3 Porsche Spyders
450607101  Piccolo Collector Catalogue 1994-2014 – Paperback


450759100  Porsche Cayman GT4 – indian red
450759200 Porsche Cayman GT4 – white
450759600 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS – sapphire blue metallic   450759700 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS – deep black metallic
450713600 IVECO Magirus HLF 20/16 THW “Facelift”
450211500 BMW Isetta Export with Caravan “1960s”


450899500 Hymermobil 900


452011300 Porsche 918 Spyder – silver
452011400 Porsche 918 Spyder – matt black
452011700 Mini Cooper – red and white
452011800 Mini Cooper – green and white


452615400 AC Cobra
452613600 Land Rover Defender 88
452615200 Mercedes-Benz /8 saloon with camper “Knaus Swallow Nest”
452616400 Porsche 911 S (991) Cabriolet – open
452617000 Porsche 911 S (991) Cabriolet with soft top
452206000 Mercedes-Benz Actros with articulated Curtain Canvas trailer
 452207000 Mercedes-Benz Actros with artic tanker “Schrader Unitas 2000”
 452207100 Mercedes-Benz Actros with artic tanker “Unitas 2000 ARAL”


450111600  Pop Art Edition I “Studio I” – blue
17829 Schuco 450111600


450579500 Ferrari 250 Le Mans
17830 Schuco 450579500


450036500 Volkswagen T1 Camper light grey and green
450018200 Volkswagen T2 Pickup with soap box racers


450008000 Volkswagen Beetle Jolly with soft top


452619900 Porsche 911 (997) Turbo
17837 Schuco 452619900

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Politoys Military Models

By Robin Godwin

Back in the old days of print, MAR 109 (March 1997) to be exact, I reviewed the long-obsolete Politoys range of 1:41 scale (as stated by the manufacturer) plastic military models. The 19 models in this series were mostly copied from other mainstream diecast manufacturers such as Dinky (UK and France), Matchbox, Corgi, FJ (France Jouets) and Solido. Where I had the original and the Politoys copy, a photograph was provided for comparison in the original article. As I added to my Politoys collection, updates were provided to MAR, in issues 120, 123, 145 and 198.

I have finally acquired the the elusive #11, Campagnola Rover Raf con Missile Thunderbird (to quote the box), after 20-plus years on my wants list. This model is a copy of the original Corgi Land Rover #351 and Thunderbird Guided Missile #350, or I suppose more correctly, Gift Set number 3 which included both models. MAR 148 and 149 had a two-part article on Surface-to-Air Missiles, which discussed the British-designed and built Thunderbird, so I won’t go into any real detail here.

The Politoys Land Rover (or Campagnola) is a simpler model than the Corgi, without windows or bonnet spare tyre, but it is an exact scale match (the Corgi is 1:46 scale, according to the Great Book of Corgi). Similarly, the Politoys missile itself is an exact scale match, except that the nose is hard plastic, and thus it is not susceptible to the melting or drooping typical of the Corgi model (see photograph). Neither company chose to model a launcher or to include the four booster rockets on the basic missile body. In fact, a ready-to-fire English Electric Thunderbird looked very similar to the other surface-to-air missile modelled by Corgi, the Bristol Bloodhound. A real discrepancy is the Assembly Trolley, where the Politoys model is made to a much larger scale and significantly simplified. Perhaps this was to give extra robustness to the all-plastic structure. Where the Corgi has two wire missile retainers on the trolley, the Politoys retainers are made of separate plastic pieces, pin mounted to the frame, which can easily go missing. The Corgi features two-axle, four wheel steering, via a wire link between the axles, whereas only the Politoys front axle steers. Neither company replicates the Assembly Trolley very well, judging by internet reference photographs.

All in all, the Politoys model is difficult to find in mint condition, so even though it is somewhat inaccurate it is a superb model to add to a military collection and to display alongside the Corgi original. I should add that these early Politoys plastic models are of a very stable compound, and are highly resistant to warping, so eBayers can have a reasonably high level of confidence in bidding (I bought mine from eBay in Italy).

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