Sylvan Models Dodge Coronet Sedan and Coronet Sierra Station Wagon

By Maz Woolley


Sylvan Models are a small company based near London, Ontario, Canada which has been in the model making business for 25 years. They produce a range of models aimed at railway modellers making their own moulds and casting their models on site. Their model kits are offered in 1:48, 1:87, and 1:160 scales. They offer structures across all scales but their vehicles are mainly in 1:87 with a few in 1:160 scale. All of their offerings can be found on their web site at

Sylvan offer kits of cars, light commercials, emergency vehicles and trucks including tractor units covering between the 1930s to the mid- 1950s. Unlike some other ranges of US model cars to 1:87 scale their models are hollow with open windows and have interiors and wheels with rubber tyres. Their cars are interesting as they cover makers like Willys, Hudson and Nash as well as the big three and cover a period generally neglected by industrial producers of US vehicles to 1:87 scale. Like many artisan producers they choose models that the industrial firms have passed over but which deserve to be seen.

This post looks at their Dodge Coronet models both sedan and station wagon. The Coronet was launched as a full-size car in 1949 and it was the highest Dodge trim line until the mid 1950s. These models go well with Classic Metal Works similar 1950 mid-line Dodge Meadowbrook in 1:87 scale. The Sylvan models shown here are of the 1951 model year sedan and station wagon. Both models capture the cars well with very slight overscaling of some key features to retain the character that a strictly accurate model would lose.

V-073 1951 Dodge Coronet Sedan


V-077 1951 Dodge Coronet Sierra Station Wagon


The models are produced in resin with a body shell, one piece interior and chassis, wheel hubs and steering wheel. Small rubber tyres are supplied and a flat piece of clear plastic for the glazing.  Some models have extras like a resin driver figure, stick on white walls, or parts to allow them to be mildly customised. The mouldings have some flash which needs to be cleaned before they are made up and particular attention has to be paid to cleaning the castings of mould release as the substance they use seems to be more difficult than usual to remove. However once cleaned the resin takes car spray paint well.

I discarded the flat glazing supplied as it is not very clear and cutting and fitting it without any templates looked to be problematic. So glazing is a layer of Kristal Klear dragged across each opening.

For those of you interested in the vehicles which were seen in those classic black and white Hollywood movies and who do not have the room for 1:43 scale models Sylvan and other North American artisan producers allow you to collect a wide range of vehicles.

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