Skoda models – Skoda 100 and 110R

By Maz Woolley



DeAgostini Skoda 100

This model appears in the vivid orange colour often used on Skoda cars in the 1970s. The 100 was produced from 1969 to 1977 and over 600 thousand were made. They were the dominant car in the Czech home market and Skodas were also widely sought in other Comecon countries and sold well in the West due their low sales prices.


The 100 addressed many of the handling issues experienced by drivers of its predecessor the MB1000 but was still known to be a little tail happy. It was still powered by the 1000cc unit used in the MB1000.

The DeAgostini model is to typical partwork standards and was made for distribution in Eastern Europe. It is sold in a blister pack on a card base. It is probably made by PCT.  The models is neatly tampo printed with badging and only the very simple baseplate and entirely black moulded interior give its budget price away.


Abrex Skoda 110R

The 110R was the model used as a basis of a rally car and since less than 60 thousand were made it must have only been those in favour with the regime that were allocated one. It had a tuned version of the 1100cc engine unit.    Abrex have chosen to model it in various colours but I have chosen this vivid green which is so typically “1970s”.


The Abrex model is clearly a cut above the DeAgostini one with those period wheel covers captured really well as well as all the vents for the rear engine intakes as well as the outlet grille at the rear. Lights are well modelled too.  All in all a very nice model of an unusual car.

German visitors to the Czech Republic have brought to our attention the closure of the shops run by Abrex in Prague which started speculation that Abrex themselves have closed. In a Facebook reply they have told us that Abrex has not ceased trading but has closed their shops. Sadly they have also informed me that the Skoda Rapid 130 which had been announced is now not going to appear which is a shame. One wonders if Abrex are struggling in a market place flooded with PCT models being sold at very low prices as part works and from a reduction in support from Volkswagen group?


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