Ruby Toys London Bus

By Maz Woolley


Ruby Toys have recently announced a new London Bus model in the style of a Dinky Model. For those not familiar with this range the models are of vehicles Dinky “might have” made in the same way that Odgi toys did some time ago.  The difference with Odgi toys and other “Dinky-like” ranges is that these models are die-cast and not white metal castings.

John Hope, the Proprietor, is quoted on the web site as saying “I created Ruby Toys to make available to fellow collectors a range of die-cast models of some of those commercial vehicles that, in the nineteen forties and fifties, were a common sight on Britain’s roads, but which were never modelled by any of the die-cast toymakers of the period.”

#46 Leyland Bus

This model is of a Leyland Tiger with a wood framed Mann Egerton body. 100 of these were built for London Transport Central Area in 1949 fitted with 7.4 Litre Leyland engines with manual gearboxes.

The model is “Dinky style” with no windows or internal fittings. And it would have made a nice model in the 1950’s though I suspect the grille would have been less well detailed and that the black wheel arches would have been left in red. It is a limited edition of 100 and can be obtained direct from Ruby Toys.

#47 Jowett Van


Rather simpler and more obviously “Dinky like” is this Jowett Van based upon the Jowett Bradford. The Grille is heavily simplified in the way Dinky often did as the Bradford was rarely fitted with a chrome radiator shell and had a more prominent centre section. However it looks the part of an early 1950s model.

Again the model can be obtained directly from Ruby Toys.

Future Models

The next two models have already been announced. #48 will be a Scammell Rigid 8 flatbed to the same scale as the Dinky Foden flatbeds.  #49 will be another bus this time in green London Transport Country Area livery based upon an AEC Regal chassis.

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