Rod Parker – Swallow and other new releases

By Maz Woolley


Rod Parker is one af a small number of UK Artisan producers of white metal models to 1:76 scale.  Primarily aimed at the railway modeller these kits are also of interest to the car collector since they include many interesting models which have not appeared in 1:76 scale before. As Oxford have generally moved forward in time with their 1:76 range Rod has begin to make models in this scale again.

The latest models are:

  • VE67 1935-37 Ford Model CX
  • VE68 1926-29 Austin Seven Swallow Saloon
  • VE69 1936-37 Wolseley Series II 10/40
  • VE70 1932 Morris 8cwt “Flatnose” light Van

VE68 Austin Seven Swallow Saloon


This is the first of this release of model kits that I have made up. Rod Parker has seldom made models from the twenties before leaving it to DG Models and John Day to cover that period. I have previously made the DG 1930 Swallow kit shown below and found it rather easier to paint and finish as the wings and chassis which need painting a different colour are a completely separate part in the DG model making painting in two different colours easier.

DG Models SwallowDG Models 009 Swallow rear

The Parker model is of the original Austin Swallow from 1926 with the more sloped radiator grille and is neatly cast with the slightly exaggerated lines that make Parker models seem more “real” and easier to paint in duo tones. The Swallow company which produced these stylish bodies on the Austin 7 chassis was created by William Lyons who went on to make SS and then Jaguar cars.


Although the models look a little crude when photographed and shown at twice their size on the screen they look rather more convincing in real life.


DG models also model a 1930 Swallow roadster so I wonder if Parker Models will add a 1926 roadster to their range. As I finish the other models I will post them on this site.


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