Resin Roundup – ABC, Looksmart, Technomodels, BBR

By Maz Woolley with help from Hans-Georg Schmitt


ABC Brianza models are made in resin to 1:43 scale in Italy. Some are available as kits as well as ready built.  Pictures from the manufacturer of some of their latest releases are shown below.

ABC232M - ROLLS ROYCE SILVER WRAITH INSKIP 1947ABC232M – Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Inskip 1947

ABC328S - ROLLS ROYCE WRAITH CHASSIS WXA106 CARR. ERDMANN and ROSSI 1938 SilverABC328S – Rolls Royce Wraith chassis WXA106. Carr. Erdmann and Rossi 1938 Silver

ABC329 ALFA ROMEO 2300 GRABER 1939ABC329 Alfa Romeo 2300 Graber 1939


1:18 Scale resin cast in China for Germany.

The latest car to bear the Disco Volante name is being made in this large scale in their Mythos range.

Technomodel Alfa Romeo Disco Volante 1 18 Scale Metallic GreenAlfa Romeo Disco Volante by Touring


This German based firm which has its 1:43 scale resin models moulded in China has announced two versions of the Ferarri SF16 Formula 1 car.

  • LSF104  Ferrari SF16-H No.5 Australia GP 2016 – Sebastian Vettel
  • LSF105  Ferrari SF16-H No.7 Bahrain GP 2016 –  Kimi Raikkonen


BBR continue to release models in 1:43 and 1:18 scale resin. All are mastered in Italy.

BBRC1801 Ferrari 250 Testarossa Winner Targa Florio 1958BBRC1801 Ferrari 250 Testarossa Winner Targa Florio 1958

These cars were introduced at the end of the 1957 season in preparation for the regulations restricting sports cars to 3 litres for Le Mans and World Sports Car races from 1958. This car is to 1:18 scale.

BBRC1811B ABARTH 695 Biposto Record 2015BBRC1811B ABARTH 695 Biposto Record 2015

Created to celebrate the 133 records Abarth hold. The 696 Biposto Record has a self-locking differential and is highly tuned. This car is to 1:18 scale.

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