Renault Vivasix Models from Norev then and now.

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Renault – Something for Everyone


The giant Renault 40 CV passenger cars with their luxury coach-built bodies are well known. But Renault also manufactured cars for “normal” people.

The two examples above were manufactured by Norev, both to 1:43 scale. There is 50 years between the launch of each of these models. The first, the type NN 1 was launched in 1969. And this year Norev produced the Vivasix PG2.

The original model of the NN 1 was made from plastic which has unfortunately deformed over the years.  It had an opening coal shovel shaped bonnet and tiny replica of the engine but no baseplate details.

The new model is die-cast and should remain free of any distortion. A number of small separate parts have been included to capture then finer details and a detailed baseplate is fitted.

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