Readers Response

From Randal Baron of Philadelphia

Randal responds to the April 2016 Editorial

In response to your article on pricing.

I would add that from my standpoint models have been getting cheaper not more expensive. I used to spend 250 to 300 dollars to get Conquest and Madison models of American cars. Now you can buy the same level of detail for 60 to 90 dollars from Neo and Matrix. I think the variety of models and the price points have more variety than ever.

My pet peeve is the amount of duplication of subjects when there is still so much that has not been modelled at all. I suppose that this sometimes allows for a variety of prices for the same subject, but more often it results in getting stuck with a lesser quality model when the better one comes out.

I would like to commend Autocult for really trying to fill some gaps. Now I would like to see someone fill holes in the brass era and 1920s. 

I have been collecting for more than 50 years and I would say we have never had it better than today in terms of variety. I do however miss the comradery of the model car meets we had before the internet. 

Randal Baron