Readers Question – Atlas Models

Peter Walker writes:


Do you know where I can get the Atlas silver cars in 1:43 scale and the Atlas Editions classic sports cars?

Thank you


We often get questions about how to buy particular models which readers have seen on our pages or elsewhere.  Often these are for models which have been issued in a subscription series or as a part work with a model and a magazine.  The answer will invariably that be that you need to look for the models on the secondary market on eBay or at Toyfairs.

Why is this, some readers will ask? This is because of the sales model adopted by those running subscription series like Atlas and those selling part works like DeAgostini.  They will only allow you to subscribe to the series as a whole and that series will only be available for a limited period of time. And each series will be sold only to the country it is launched in, though castings may appear in series issued in France, Holland, and the UK. In a few cases models can be bought on back order from the suppliers web site but they will seldom accept overseas orders and some models never appear as back orders anyway. Atlas never make models available singly in this way in the UK.

So unless the series is active and you are prepared to subscribe to a whole series, at least up to the last issue that you wish to collect , and you have a bank account and delivery address in the country the series is issued in, you will generally not be able to get the models direct.

Both the series that Peter enquires about are no longer being sold on the Atlas Website so the only source for these models will be from people who subscribed to the series to sell them on at a profit or who decide to sell the whole or part collection off when they finish. In some cases auction houses will be asked to sell whole or part series and people also do this on eBay from time to time.

The silver cars from Atlas and a similar series made for Altaya in Spain turn up on eBay with only a small premium over their original sale price. The Atlas sports car series  also turns up on eBay but this is often at very significantly higher prices than Atlas charged. One example of this is the Daimler SP250 sports car which I believe was made for Atlas  by Norev and attracted prices similar to the Norev original. In a some cases models from Atlas and others also turn up on eBay being sold by a Hong Kong or Chinese seller. However, caution is needed as a lot of these models appear to be factory quality control rejects though I have bought some that are absolutely perfect.

So my advice to Peter has to be to keep an eye on a few specialist Auction houses especially if he wants to buy a full or part set of the models and to keep an eye on eBay and at Toyfairs if he just wants one or two.

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