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Notes from another Lamborghini Lover


Further to the article on Lamborghini by Mick Haven of the South Hants Model Auto Club I would like to add a few comments/recollections.

As a late teenage boy from a small town in Gloucestershire I was absolutely bowled over at the first sight of the lime green Miura on the front of the Telegraph Magazine at the time of the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. I just had to learn as much as possible about this amazing ‘Supercar’ as it had been described by Car Magazine.

A trip to London by train specifically to visit Lamborghini Concessionaires in Alie Street, in London E.1. was called for. Mick Haven’s description brought the showroom back life. Unlike MIck’s my visit was made during the working day either late morning or early afternoon.

From memory I recall that there was no sales person around to speak to when I arrived. An inspection of the two cars revealed them to be a 400GT and…. a dark blue Miura with white interior. I learned that the Miura belonged to the Shah of Iran and was stored for him in London. The ski rack attached to the roof was for when he came to Europe in the winter to go skiing in Europe!

Before I left the showroom I was allowed to have an official brochure for the 400 GT2+2 and the Miura! A great finish to the day. I still have those brochures today. In autumn 1968 when I learned that the Miura S was to follow on from the P400 I wrote a letter to Alie Street enquiring when would they expect to have the ‘S’ in their showroom. I was amazed to get a reply on a postcard with a red Miura on the front from them saying they had no delivery date as yet. I still have that postcard too!

I only caught up with Lamborghini again in the late 1970s when I started working in London. They were imported by Porsche GB handled by Portman Garages in St George’s Square, W.1. I’d missed the Whyteleafe and Lower Thames Street chapters but met Del Hopkins who ran the servicing side of Lamborghinis out at a separate premises in West London.

My 1:43 die cast Lamborghini collection is of approximately 350 items and still growing. My brochure collection complements it and features factory catalogues up to Aventador.

Last year’s Salon Privé at Blenheim celebrated 50 years of the Miura and starred the 1968 Brussels Motor Show Miura Spyder. That was a must see. If the opportunity should ever arise I recommend a visit to the Lamborghini Factory Museum and the Tonino Lamborghini Private Museum. An eBay auction recently produced a large Lamborghini Factory produced poster for dealers showrooms showing Espada, Countach and Urraco which I’d only ever seen hanging on the wall of Tonino’s Museum.

The lime green ‘Twiggy’ Miura that Mick wrote about can be seen at various car events, and the lady who owns it has a LM002 which appeared at Brooklands Supercar Sunday this year.

Like Mick I’m a life long fan of the Lamborghini marque.

Ian Hunt,
Redhill. Surrey.

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