Readers Letter – Wanting Big BMC Saloons

From: Mel Orange by Email

Mel says: I am a collector of 1/43rd scale police die-casts. I am impressed with the price and quality of the deAgostini models.
I have many models from sources like Vanguards yet no one seems to produce a police model in the Wolseley 6/90, 6/99, 6/110 series which were very popular police cars.

Any chance that deAgostini might look at producing them ?

Editor:  Those big BMC cars were a feature of many British films of the 1960’s with sequences shot showing them chasing villains and going round corners at speed leaning at alarming angles.  They would certainly seem to be prime candidates for production as the the two tone standard cars were very attractive too. It seems odd that they have never been made in any modern classics diecast ranges.

For those who really want a model Brooklin made the Lansdowne Models LDM. 6b 1961 Wolseley 6/110 Police Car and the Lansdowne 1954 Wolseley 6/90 both of which are keenly sought as they have been deleted from their range. They also produced an Austin A99 Police Car whose chassis and much of the body work was shared with the Wolseley but that is discontinued too.

Easier to get hold of are the current K&R white metal kits of the Austin A110 and the Wolseley 6/110 which are available from their eBay store and which could be finished as Police Cars.

I think that it is possible that at some time in the future Oxford Diecast might consider making both Wolseley 6/100 and Austin A110 and if they did they would certainly make police versions. But that is pure conjecture and it may never happen.

But Mel’s question is will DeAgostini sell a large Wolseley Police Car? I think that this is unlikely, though not impossible. DeAgostini and its associate companies like Atlas have had various police car series and a Wolseley never appeared.  It appeared as a background car in the James Bond film “Thunderball” but it wasn’t chosen to be made in the James Bond Model Collection either. But what DeAgostini and its associated companies will produce is a closely guarded secret . if they do sell big Wolseley Police cars it will be because PCT Industries (IXO’s parent) think that they can sell it in many versions and decide to take the risk of making the mould.

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