Readers Letter: The Corniche is closed!

To the Editor: The Oxford Diecast 1:76 Corniche

I read somewhere that all the Oxford Diecast 1:76 scale Rolls-Royce Corniche models will be top-up, whilst the 1:43 scale versions will be a mix of top-up and top-down. The first two releases in 1:43 are top-down indigo blue and top-up persian sand.

Andrew Davies
By via Facebook

Editors note: When reminded I too seem to remember a comment somewhere that it was not worth tooling up to allow both versions to be made in 1:76. I would have thought that the plastic tops, as used in the coach models and elsewhere, would have been a practical way to achieve that with two different top inserts to allow top-up or top-down versions. The hood up version is certainly a single metal casting which does make it less likely that a top-down model will be made as it would need a second complete casting to be developed.

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