Readers Letter – re: DeAgostini Dinky Article

To the Editor: The next DeAgostini Model

The next model in the series will not be the Renault Dauphine that they showed on the back of the magazine and as you stated in your article. It will actually be a white Fiat 600 according to the addendum leaflet which was in the Magazine package with my XK120.

Incidentally, I still have my much loved and battered olive green Dinky Toys No157 Jaguar XK120 from Christmas 1954. No box of course. In the Mid 1980s I bought another mint unboxed XK120 to sit alongside it’s playworn ‘mate’.

I have to say that I probably won’t purchase any more of the series beyond the initial five which I’ve obtained from our local newsagent. The Bedford Kodak van was another memory jerker for me. My childhood Dinky Toys and Corgis all went at my mother’s suggestion(!) when I started work at the age of 16. Like others in similar circumstances I regret flogging off a really nice bunch of models.

Kind regards,

Ian Hunt
Redhill (By Email)

Editor: Thanks for drawing my attention to that Ian. I had not even noticed the paper which was inserted into my copy too. So collectors will have to wait for the Dauphine Minicab but will get a Fiat 600 instead in white/cream. That is interesting because it looks identical to the model issued by Atlas and DeAgostini have said they would not use the same colours as Atlas….