Readers Letter – Atlas Editions Cadillac Ambulance

Atlas editions 7 495 002 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 1959

I definitely think that the 1959 Cadillac ambulance by Atlas is NOT a ‘Miller-Meteor‘, but is actually a ‘Superior‘, there’s even a script on the rear fender of the model telling us so.  I found a photograph of the real car on the internet. This one seems to be all white, but it is the exact same car even having the same air-conditioning intake behind the rear doors.

Nevertheless it’s a great model for a reasonable price, much cheaper than the same model made by Neo!

Roel Kuyper by Email

Haarlem, The Netherlands

Editor – Roel’s eMail prompted the Editor to look at the photographs of this model taken by our Consultant Editor in Germany. And yes there behind the rear wheels is a Superior script along with some rather poor tampo printing of the chrome embellisher visible when magnified (See below). A further search on the Internet shows that the 1959 Miller-Meteor had much more upright window frames on the rear passenger door and the rear door. The widely modelled Ghostbusters car is described as a 1959 MIller-Meteor and this has vertical rear passenger door frames and not the sloping ones seen on the Atlas model. Finally a quick comparison with the Neo Model which is described as a 1959 Cadillac S&S Superior shows that it is practically identical to the Atlas, see photographs lower down the page.

We would like to thank Roel for pointing out this error in description by Atlas.


Atlas Model

Neo Model

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