Readers Comment: More on Chuck Jordan

By Ken Smith

This interesting response to Harvey Goranson’s post on Chuck Jordan was posted by Ken on our Facebook page. It has been posted here to make sure it is available to all our readers. 

Ken writes: I also met Chuck Jordan at one of the Detroit model car swap meets. He had a table next to mine which was loaded with miniature Ferraris. As Harvey stated, he was very distinguished looking – as well as very down to earth! As the day progressed we got to talking, and I asked him where he worked. He made a very simple statement, saying ” I work for General Motors”.  At the time John DeLorean had just published his somewhat controversial book entitled “On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors“. I asked Chuck if he had read the book, and he replied “I am in it – myself and John were the designers that came up with the wide track Pontiac!”. I later learned that Chuck was at the time the head of design for GM and that he always drove Ferraris. He was a truly wonderful person to talk to.

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