Promotional Porsche Models – revisited

By Fabrizio Panico

This article was originally written for the old MAR Online site hosted as part of Now there is no access to that site anymore we have reformatted this article for the new site. Please note that this article was written some time ago and these models may now be unavailable from Porsche.


Macan Turbo

Porsche continues to have 1:18 scale promotional models made for them by Minichamps. The first model shown is the new Macan Turbo (WAP 021 154 0E) in sapphire blue metallic. It is a superb model.



918 Spyder


The second model shown is of the 918 Spyder (WAP 021 020 0E) in “liquid metal”. The 2011 model (WAP 021 191 0B) was of the concept car, quite different from the production one. It is interesting to see the many differences between concept and production vehicles.

Panamera Turbo


The final model shown is another 1:18 scale promotional by Minichamps for Porsche (WAP 021 012 0E), a nice Panamera Turbo S (latest facelifted version) in metallic dark blue. This is not a bad model, but a little disappointing if you compare it with the previous 1:18 Panamera promotional made by Norev for Porsche.

On the Minichamps only the front doors open, the windscreen wipers are moulded into the body, and many fine details simply do not exist. Seats and interior fittings are just “plastic” while the Norev ones suggested more expensive material. What can I say? After the Macan and the 918 I didn’t expect such a cheaply finished model from Minichamps, especially at a premium price.


It is noticeable that Porsche seem to be moving towards 1:18 scale “resin” models with the number in their catalogue growing but this means that prices are skyrocketing. In my opinion over 250 Euros is too expensive for a model with no opening features.

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