Promotional Planes – Part One

By Fabrizio Panico

How many times while waiting to board your flight did you visit the shops at the airport, or once embarked did you look through the airline magazine? Of so you probably saw this sort of model of airliners. Not exactly a toy (usually marked 14years+) being made to scale and sponsored by the airlines themselves.

A nice “souvenir” of your travels, a gift to a younger relative, or a collectors piece? Here are a few examples I have collected. They are usually to 1:200 or 1:250 scale and made in China. They are plastic snap together kits which are quite easy to assemble quickly. They come with fully printed airline liveries and with a stand to display them.

easyJet Boeing 737-200 (1/200 scale by Premier Planes)

An historic plane for easyJet,since the airline started operating from Luton airport in 1995 with two “wet leased” Boeing 737-200s.

This kind of livery is called “telephone number livery” (initially booking was by telephone only), and it carries registration number G-BECH.

The 737 is a short to medium range twin-jet narrow body airliner, derived from 707 and 727, later developed into a family of ten models with capacities up to 215 passengers. Launched in 1965, it had its first flight in 1967 and entered service with Lufthansa in 1968. The 737-200 is an extended fuselage version and entered service in 1968 with United Airlines.


easyJet Airbus A320 (1/200 scale by Premier Planes)

Like other low-cost airlines easyJet’s strategy is to operate just one aircraft type: initially Boeing 737, then Airbus A319 (still operating) and now Airbus A320. It sports the white and orange 2015 livery, and carries registration number G-EZOM. By the presence of the winglets, named “sharklets” by Airbus, it can be identified as an A320neo (new engine option) which entered in service in 2016 with more efficient engines, airframe improvements and the winglets.

Like the Boeing 737 the Airbus A320 is a short to medium range twin-jet narrow body airliner, its family includes the A318, A319 and A321, with capacities up to 220 passengers, and a range up to 12.000 km. The A320 family pioneered the use of digital fly-by-wire flight control systems. The A320 was launched in 1984, first flew in 1987 and was first delivered in 1988.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Airbus A340-300 (1/250 scale by Premier Planes)

SAS is a member of the STAR Alliance. SAS uses the A340-300 on all its Asian routes. It is configured in three different classes and has a total 245 seats. It has a length of 63.7 metres and a wing span of 60.3 metres, a cruising speed of 875 kph and a range of 12.800 km. The current livery was introduced in 1998 : a fuselage in light beige with “Scandinavian” in silver and “Airlines” in white. The tail and winglets in blue, and the engine casings in scarlet. There is a stylised version of the Scandinavian flags. No registration number is printed on this plane.

The Airbus A340 is a long range, four engine, wide body jet airliner, its family includes four fuselage lengths. The most common type is the first one launched the A340-300, sharing the fuselage and wings of the twin engine A330. A shorter variant exists in the A340-200, while the heavier A340-500 and A340-600 are longer and have larger wings. They seat up to 440 passengers, with a range up to 16.700 km.

The first Lufthansa and Air France aircraft entered service in 1993 and production ended in 2011.

Premier Planes is a brand of Premier Portfolio International ( This company specialises in supplying products to airlines and airports carrying airlines liveries.

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