Parker Models – Ford CX

By Maz Woolley



Rod Parker produces white metal kits to 1:76 and 1:144 scale here in the UK.  These are predominantly aimed at railway modellers but also offer interesting models for 1:76 scale collectors which may never appear ‘ready made’. The model photographed for this article is VE67 which is a 1935-37 Ford Model CX.

The Ford model C/CX was a 10HP model which sold in smaller numbers than the 8HP model Y. Around 33,000 were made at Dagenham, some as kits for export.  The C was introduced in 1934 and after some small modifications it became a CX with the horizontal bars on the grille in 1935. Production ended in 1937 when it was replaced by the 7W which was the first of the “sit up and beg” style cars which lasted until the end of the 1950s. The C/CX used the 1172cc Ford Sidevalve engine which Ford only dropped at the beginning of the 1960s.


It shows that shared models across European subsidiaries were not new when the Transit was launched in 1965 as the C and Y models were made in Germany as the Eifel and Köln, though with slightly re-styled grilles, and assembled in Spain too. Kits were also sent in knocked down form to Australia for local assembly.


As ever the casting was very clean and little preparation was needed before painting, though care needs to be taken that if you are adding the lights after painting the model then make sure they will comfortably fit in the holes provided for them before spraying the shell.  The model is fairly simple to put together consisting of the body shell, chassis unit incorporating seats and dash, steering wheel, wheels, separate headlights, as well as a vacform. The wire wheels are quite sturdy but offer some challenges to paint and finish well as is evident from my photographs. Pictures show that the car seems to have been supplied as standard with wire wheels in the UK so they add authenticity even if they are fiddly to finish.

Even with my average modelling skills the model makes up well and it provides an example of yet another vehicle not yet made in this scale. Even in 1:43 the only previous model seems to be an obsolete Milestone Miniatures model.

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