Oxford Diecast’s Latest Walls Ice Cream Van

By Maz Woolley

Oxford Diecast have produced a number of ice cream vans in scales from 1:43 to 1:144. This article looks at the Bedford CA in Walls livery recently released to 1:76 scale.

Walls were a major player in the ice cream market place in the UK. Originally known for their sausages, it is said that they diversified into ice cream to keep the factories busy across the summer months when sausage sales traditionally declined.  Walls is now part of Unilever which has bought up local ice cream companies across Europe. Their livery will be familiar to many collectors since it was featured on the Corgi Ford Thames Ice Cream Van which sold huge numbers in the 1960s.

The Bedford CA was launched in 1952 and was made with a split screen until 1956 making the Oxford model with its split screen one of the earlier CAs. The CA was sold as a chassis with a bonnet and precious little else to Coachbuilders who added bodies. The CA was very popular with ice cream sellers since it was cheaper to buy and maintain than larger vans.

Oxford already have a range of Walls liveries vehicles in 1:76 scale including  a Ford Thames van with three different body styles.

The Oxford model shown below is diecast to 1:76 scale in Oxford’s Chinese factory. The quality of the printing is exceptionally good given the small scale. Though again the Quality Control gremlins have struck:  the silver printed hubcaps are decidedly off-centre on my model. I am sure that this model will re-appear in other ice cream firms liveries.

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