Oxford Diecast – TR4 and Super Imp

By Maz Woolley


This post looks at two new 1:76 scale diecast models made by Oxford Diecast in their Chinese factory for the UK.

76TR4001 Triumph TR4

This is the first release of this casting and Oxford have captured the car really well. Particularly good are the front grille and the printed Triumph logos and badges. The silver finisher on the top of the front wings is well printed as are the rear lights. Inside the dashboard is painted wood coloured and has some moulded features but no printed instruments.  The wheels are solid but the moulded in wires are more convincing than on some Oxfords, and with a black wash added may be very respectable.

If I have one criticism it is of the front headlights which appear over large, probably because the rims are not inscribed and I think that they should be more deeply recessed too. Otherwise a very acceptable model.


76HI002 Hillman Imp

This second Imp model from Oxford is modelled as the later Hillman Super Imp launched in 1965 and produced up until the end of Imp production in 1976. This car had a slightly improved upholstery and interior and more rubbing strips on the outside as well as a different front and rear moulding.  The Oxford catches all the extra external detail well with lovely badging but it falls down in some areas. First the wheels are too far apart and hence stick out from the body. Secondly they need white painted rims as these seem to feature on most of the cars shown in period photographs. Readers please note that the white rims shown on the model photographed have been added by the Author and are not present on the model as shipped by Oxford. The final issue is the placement of the front moulding which is printed much too high completely spoiling the effect. The top of the moulding should stop half way up the headlights not three-quarters of the way up.

I find it very frustrating that Oxford’s nice print of the front moulding has been positioned too high. A little more care and attention to detail in the factory would have made this model one of my favourites rather than one that is “nearly right”.


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