Oxford Diecast – Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn

By Maz Woolley


The latest Rolls-Royce from Oxford is now being distributed. It is a Silver Dawn which was a stablemate to the very similar Bentley Mark VI already included in the Oxford range.

Traditionally, most Rolls-Royces had been large and imposing limousines. But the post war years were a period of rationing and austerity and Rolls-Royce wanted to offer a car that was in keeping with the times. Thus the Silver Dawn was a compact Rolls-Royce, based on the standard steel body produced by Pressed Steel Fisher for the Bentley and fitted with a slightly less powerful engine. It was targeted at owners who also drove themselves.

The Oxford model is every bit as good as their Bentley Mark VI which was itself an excellent model. A first class paint job with great masking between the two colours is complemented by the flush fit windows with finely printed quarter light surround. The trafficators, door handles and bonnet catches are all nicely moulded and picked out with printed silver.

To the rear the boot handle and registration plate holder are nicely modelled too as well as the limited rear lights and reflectors which are printed on but are very effective. Even the spats fasteners are picked out in silver on the rear wings. Inside, the seats and door cards are all painted tan coloured with fittings picked out in silver. The door cappings and dashboard are in a darker “wood” shade and the instrumentation and switches are printed on. All is accompanied by a large steering wheel and column though this is without the gear change lever I might have expected to see.

To the front the radiator is excellent as are the lights. The flying lady mascot is typically slightly overscale for strength but is nicely moulded. Sadly the air intakes have been fitted wrongly. The line in the middle should be vertical and not horizontal other buyers may be luckier perhaps. Such issues are fairly common on Oxford models and I think that Oxford should design such fittings with a slot and peg so the parts cannot be fitted wrongly.

The wheels are moulded nicely and painted well but the centres seem round rather than hexagonal and I cannot see a printed RR in the centre which is clearly there on a  picture of the real car taken in 2010. Another curiosity is the aerial which was a thin silver coloured item in 2010 and not a thick black object which looks more like it is designed to fly a flag.

All in all this is an excellent model of the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn and better than resin kits costing very much more money. Oxford should be applauded for making this model as it was neglected even by the contemporary diecast firms.

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