Oxford Diecast Preview Part One

By Maz Woolley

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Oxford Diecast hold preview sessions at John Ayrey’s, a model wholesaler with showrooms in the North and South to show the retail trade samples of some of their forthcoming models and to get feedback from the retailers on sales. John Ayrey’s kindly allowed me a ‘press’ entry to the latest event.

Lyndon (Taff) and Eloise from Oxford Diecast were present and explained that the current release (2/2019) has had to be limited in order to catch up with the models from previous releases that had been delayed but which are now coming through the system and will appear shortly. An example of this is the Bloodhound set which was announced some time ago but will now appear in a month or so. As ever the Chinese New Year break has had an impact on output.

Lyndon explained that they have new tooling in the wings but that priority has been given to getting previously announced releases out and available to collectors. Consequently there were no raw test castings for future models under development being shown at this review as that would only build up interest in new models that may take some time to arrive.

Eloise gave some insights into sales and she said that sales were good across all ranges but that some models were selling as soon as they arrive in the country and that it is always difficult to estimate how many models to have made to meet demand. From Eloise’s description it is clear that product licensing takes a lot of effort from the team at Oxford. The approval process can be a difficult one causing delays in approval of tooling from time to time, and licenses always add to the cost of investments. Luckily some older vehicles with closed manufacturers do not need licences which must be a relief.

The factory has not increased in size over the years so the work has to be very carefully managed to get products produced efficiently. With the amount of different batches produced from all the ranges any delays or problems obviously have an effect on how quickly models are shipped.

I was allowed to take pictures of the samples on show and to share them with our readers, the photographs were taken with minimal lights and backdrop so allowances will need to be made for that. Lyndon did ask me to make it very clear that these are samples and not finished goods. That means that many have yet to have corrections applied, have manually painted markings, and others have had a rough life being displayed and are suffering faults like bent mirrors that the production models will not. So when looking at the pictures remember that they are not the product that will ship to customers.

The sample models that I photographed will mainly appear in Q3 2019 or later. This article will cover 1:43, 1:148, and 1:72 scale models on show and a second article will cover 1:76 scale models.

1:43 Scale

Just three items in this scale were shown. The forthcoming Bedford CA Ice Cream van had suffered a bit from its life on display so the mirrors are bent. The photograph below shows just how good this model will be.

The photographs below are of the Jowett Javelin and AC Aceca in new colours. Red suits them both.

1:72 Scale

Just two aircraft were on display. Both due Q3 2019. They are:

Mitsubishi A6M2 Imperial Japanese Navy
Macchi Veltro 2015I .L. Gorrini 1944

1:148 Scale

There are a considerable number of models of this scale to come. Please remember when looking at these models on the screen they are shown many times life size and that they are samples. This means that faults that you see when looking at an enlargement may not exist on the production model or may simply not be noticeable when the model is looked at in a normal manner.

VW Beetle Black

Land Rover Discovery 4 Ipanema Sand

Morris Minor Traveller Almond Green (Dot Cotton)

Bedford CA Ice Cream Van Mr Softee

Ford Anglia Yellow (Viv)

Bristol MW6G Royal Blue

RT Brown’s Bus

Scania Highline Tanker BP

Scania T Cab Low Loader Sandy Kidd

Part Two will look at the 1:76 scale models shown at the Preview.

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