Oxford Diecast New 1:43 Scale Models

Oxford Diecast continues to release a steady flow of diecast cars made to 1:43 scale in their factory in China. As ever the selection of models shows their keenness to cover a wide range of topics, and their new licensing arrangements.

As the pictures from design cells produced by Oxford show we will be seeing some really interesting models into the first quarter of 2016. The first fruits of their licensing arrangement with Rolls Royce appear alongside an attractive re-colour of the Bentley Mark IV. The Volvo Amazon will be a popular choice since the Atlas Volvo collection has never been marketed in the UK. The Aston Martin licensing agreement brings a pair of lovely DB2 Mark III cars. Finally we have a Vauxhall Firenza which should be very popular since it has only ever been modelled in 1:43 as an expensive white metal model. We will have to wait and see if Oxford make the Viva HC that it is based upon too.


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