Oxford Diecast – James Young Rolls-Royce Phantom V

By Maz Woolley



The second Oxford Diecast Rolls-Royce made to 1:43 scale is now on sale. The model is diecast in Oxford’s own Chinese Factory.


The Phantom V was a very expensive and exclusive four door saloon made by Rolls-Royce from 1959 to 1968. Just 516 were made in all before production ended. It was based on the Silver Cloud II, and shared its 6,230cc V8 engine and General Motors Hydramatic automatic gearbox. with its smaller sibling. It was the last generation of Roll-Royces using a separate chassis which allowed it to be fitted with bodies made by coachbuilders like H. J. Mulliner, Park Ward, and James Young.


The model is based upon a James Young bodied car as shown at the head of this article and is a 1964 car having the quad headlights introduced in 1963. It has been restored to a high standard and has navy blue over silver paint,  blue leather seats and blue carpet all of which can be seen on the Oxford model.  is based on a real car as shown at the head of the article and available to hire from Ultimate Classic Car Hire of London.


Comparing the Oxford model to photographs of the real car shows that Oxford has captured it very well right down to the GB plate and elaborate boot handle at the rear. The model is excellent overall with a nice radiator and spirit of ecstacy mascot, good lights front and rear, the massive bumpers well modelled, and tiny RR symbols printed where needed. The wheels and tyres are suitably large and heavy like those on the original car.  Inside the leather seats are well modelled and the door cards are in matching blue finish with the wood trim and dashboard neatly represented. The windows are flush fit items with chrome surrounds printed in a realistic manner.


There are one or two niggles with the model. One rear wheel hub is not chromed right up to the rim, the C pillars have a faint mould line showing, and the silver paint is a little thick making the panel lines a little “blurred”.

Despite the few negative comments this really is an excellent model from Oxford especially when you consider the price point that it is sold at.

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