Oxford Diecast Ford Thames 400E

By Maz Woolley

Oxford Diecast have long had a 1:43 scale Ford Thames 400E in their range and it has now been “shrunk” to feature in their 1:76 scale range. The model is produced in Oxford’s Chinese factory for the UK.

The Ford 400E replaced the venerable E83W and was produced from 1957 to 1965. It was fitted with the 4 cylinder 1700cc engine also used in the Ford Consul. It was replaced in 1965 by Ford’s first pan-European product the Transit Van.

Some readers will remember the Matchbox regular wheels model of a Ford Thames usually in yellow and blue and with side windows. It will be interesting to see whether Oxford produce a similar model since they already have one in the 1:43 range. It would also be nice if Oxford could adapt the moulds to produce a motor caravan of some kind. Many readers will remember the Corgi Airborne Caravan but many other makers produced products based upon the 400E so Oxford would have quite a range to choose from.

The model translates to 1:76 very well. It loses plastic headlights and a separate grill, replaced by tampo printed items, but this is not an issue in this smaller scale.

This British Railways liveried model will be popular with railway modellers as well as collectors. A Royal Mail liveried van will be produced in 2016 in this scale.


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