Oxford Diecast DB2 Mark III DHC

By Maz Woolley


Oxford Diecast‘s Aston Martin Drop Head Coupe to 1:43 scale has now reached the shops to complement the model already seen in 1:76 scale. This model has been made in Oxford’s Chinese factory. The DB2 Mark III Saloon with its hatchback has already been issued in 1:43 by Oxford.

The Aston Martin DB2 Mark III was made between 1957 and 1959 and used the straight six engine originally designed by W O Bentley for Lagonda developed by Tadek Marek.  Capable of around 120MPH it was a fast and beautifully built sports car with a price which ensured that only the wealthy could afford one.

The Oxford model is beautiful capturing the stance of the original and the racing green paint is even and glossy. The plastic hood is a good matt finish and all the tampo printing and badging is neat. Oxford number plate s often have strangely compressed letters and numbers but those on this model look authentic. The interior has wood effect dash board and printed instrumentation which suggests that we may see on open convertible at some point.

The grille is excellent and captures the original car’s fine mesh well. The wire wheels are Oxford’s paint on a clear disk which looks convincing when viewed at a slight angle.

Regular reader’s will be aware of my frustration with some of Oxford’s recent releases but here I find no fault. This modestly priced 1:43 scale model is as good as many in ranges costing very much more.

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