Oxford Diecast Carlight Continental Caravan

By Maz Woolley


Oxford Diecast Carlight Continental Caravan

This model is made to 1:76 scale in metal in Oxford Diecast’s own factory in China.

Carlights are said to be the “Rolls-Royce” of caravans with separate chassis and an interior made to a high standard with wood and high quality furnishings. The Continental even included a cocktail cabinet. Always expensive Carlights were never made in large numbers but older caravans are being preserved as they complement preserved cars well.

Carlight with Jaguar Mark VII

As can be seen from the photograph above the Carlight was large even when viewed side by side with a Jaguar Mark VII so would have always needed a powerful car to tow it. Indeed it appears that a car of at least 3 litres was recommended for the Continental which had four full size sleeping berths and even an optional fridge.

Carlight front view

Oxford have chosen to print curtains to the windows as these are a distinctive feature of the original caravans. This has been nicely done and though simplified there is a lot of detail included in the interior down to door handles on draws and cupboards and fitments to the pattern used in the Continental.

Carlight rear view

As can be seen above the lights, Carlight badge and other frames and fitments are all printed onto the model neatly. The roof lights and clerestory windows are moulded and in the case of the clerestory  windows they are silver printed.

All in all a rather nice model from Oxford which will enhance any display of model cars and which I am sure will be popular on model railway layouts.

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