Oxford Diecast 43RRCO01 Rolls-Royce Corniche

By Maz Woolley


Oxford Diecasts’s range of Rolls-Royce models continues to grow. Here is the first release of the Rolls-Royce Corniche to 1:43 scale. It is released initially in Indigo blue with light tan hood and seats. If Oxford follow their usual path this will also appear in the 1:76 range at some point.

It is easy to forget that this model retails for little more than a part work and for significantly less than models from Corgi. As the picture above shows a lot of attention has been paid to getting all the lighting, grilles and mascot modelled convincingly. The mascot is possibly overscale but that is common on Rolls-Royce models to ensure that the mascot is not easily knocked off when handled.

The interior has been modelled to a high standard with wood effect dashboard and door cappings as well as printed instruments, switches and radio. I think that the column mounted gearshift seems a little short and it would have been nice to have the gear display seen through the steering wheel picked out but all in all a very good level of detail. Even the door cards have printed switches on them for the electric controls of door mirrors, windows etc.

To the rear the badging and lights are all well printed. The use of printed red and amber on silver for the rear light cluster is neatly done, though inserted chromed plastic and with plastic lenses would have been nice the printed lights are an acceptable alternative.

The wheels are very nicely done with RR printed on the centre of the hubs and the rim embellisher being realistically wide.

Once slight criticism is that the blue paint though a nice glossy coat is a little thick and has blurred the panel lines a little.

A little investigation shows that the number plate UTU 353 is real and is fitted to a 1972 Corniche last auctioned in 2013. It is one of the 1,233 Series I Corniche Convertibles made by Rolls-Royce and was originally owned by John Boulting a film director who made films like Brighton Rock and Lucky Jim.

Another excellent new casting from Oxford and I am sure we can look forward to seeing it with the hood up later this year.

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