News Roundup Three – November 2017

Hornby Hobbies


I make no apologies for returning to this subject again. Andrew Davies posted on our Facebook page drawing my attention to the fact that deep in the detail of Hornby’s announcements is the fact that Hornby Hobbies will review their investment in Oxford Diecast in three years time with the option to merge the companies at that point. This puts considerable pressure on Lyndon and his team to have a strategy that works across both brands in place and delivering returns by that time.

There is other important information hidden away outside the short summary for the City. Firstly, there is a recognition that all their European brands have been starved of investment and that investment must be made there. I hope that that recognition also extends to the Hornby Hobbies brands that have not had any significant investment in recent years like Corgi.  Secondly, the group recognises the ageing of enthusiasts for their existing brands and the need to develop products for a younger target audience.

So the investments that Hornby are planning to  make will not all be in their traditional brands and products. Perhaps Greenlight’s success in the US with film and television tie in models selling to a younger market sector points to one area that Hornby may develop.

De Agostini


Roger Bailey has told us that he has been contacted by DeAgostini as a subscriber to their curtailed Dinky Toys series and told that it is launching again and asking him if he wished to pick up collection from the point that he finished it previously.

If you pay a premium on every model at the end you will be sent “free” a service station as shown below.

What is interesting is the three cars shown outside the service station.  The cars shown look more like Spot Ons than Dinky’s.

The DeAgostini series is much cheaper per part than the Atlas one but one wonders how many people will subscribe given that the Atlas Dinky Collection has been available for several years. The timing is interesting as  the Atlas Dinky Collection is now nearly at an end.

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