News from the Continent October/November 2017 – Busch

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All photographs supplied by, and copyright of, Busch.

The listing below covers the Busch group of companies releases from November 2017. All are plastic models made to 1:87 scale.

Busch Models


40927  DKW 3=6 delivery van


42223  Multicar with turnable ladder


42715  Volkswagen Beetle with split window – grey


42734  Volkswagen Beetle with split window and roof rack


46169  Smart City coupe with snow plough


46867  Mercedes-Benz W123 “German Post”


46869  Mercedes-Benz W123 “Soviet Police Militia”


48030  Citroen DS19 saloon – red


48032  Citroen DS19 saloon – black
48037  Citroen DS19 – yellow
50558  Lada 1600 – blue with black roof
51209  Framo V901/2 box van – “Peoples Police”
51274  Framo V901/2 half-bus “Peoples Police”
51306  Belarus 800V tractor, Uniost GmbH.
51309  Belarus MTS 82 with snow plough
51504  IFA G5 1959 with snow plough
51505  IFA G5 1960 – wine red
51603  Robur LO 1800 A “City of Schwedt Fire Brigade”
51652  Robur LO 1801 A – VEB SK Water Authority”
59945  Trailer with water-tank and zinc tub

DreiKa Automodels

94021  Goliath Express 1100 Delivery van “Goliath Service”
94034  Goliath Express 1100 delivery van “The modern fast              delivery van”


94123  Goliath Express 1100 Combi “Fire brigade”
94124  Goliath Express 1100 Combi “Ambulance”
94126  Goliath Express 1100 Combi “THW multi-purpose vehicle”
94131  Goliath Express 1100 Combi “The car that makes you happy”

EsPeWe Models

95024  HW80 trailer, grey, red chassis
95025  HW80 SHA trailer, grey, red chassis

Mehlhose models

210006404  Tractor Pioneer, grey with red wheel rims
210006601  Dumper Picco 1 – red with grey wheel rims
210007000 Tractor Famulus with trailer, green


210010008  E-Karre Balkancar, blue
210010116  Tractor Famulus – red/grey with grey wheel rims

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