News from the Continent Oct/Nov 2016 – Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here is a selection from the releases issued in September and October 2016. Photographs are by the Author and all models are to 1:87 scale.

028660/038669 Audi A5 Coupe in brilliant black or Misano red pearleffect

This is the latest model. Audi has cosmetically revised the A5 especially around the headlights, and with some minor changes to the rear. This is an all new mould based upon data supplied by Audi.

092678 Wartburg 353 saloon 1966 “Interflug”

The former DDR airline, Interflug, has reached ‘cult status’ today. The Model is based upon original photographs of a Wartburg airport service saloon.

306164 Volvo FH Gl. XL 6×2 articulated refrigerated box truck “H.E.Payne, GB”

This freight company is a heavy user of Scania and Volvo trucks. It also retains and shows some older trucks too. This vehicle is used for European trips and contrary to the majority of the fleet it features a white driver´s cab instead of the usual green one.

306201 Volvo FH Gl XL articulated cattle carrier VAEX, the Netherlands

This Dutch company specialises in transporting pigs. Alongside the transport business the company also offers trucks for rent.  The fleet is mainly based upon Volvo and Scania tractor units and many have top lights fitted as has been done on this model.

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