News from the Continent Oct/Nov 2016 – Busch, Espewe & Mehlhose

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


The releases for October and November 2016 are listed below with photographs supplied by the manufacturers. All models are to 1:87 scale unless otherwise stated.

October 2016


40004 Benz Patent motorcar 2Anniversary Model 130 years automobile history”


40211 BMW 327 Coupe – “Anniversary model 100 Years of BMW”


43037 Toyota Land Cruiser J4 / “Anniversary model 80 Years of Toyota”


40151 US-Motorcycle black


40155 US-Motorcycle green






40159 US-Motorcycle orange-metallic


40510 Mercedes-Benz 170S Cabriolet A 1949 – open – red


40513 Mercedes-Benz 170S Cabriolet A 1949 – open – green


40526 Mercedes-Benz 170S Cabriolet A 1949 – closed – blue


40528 Mercedes-Benz 170S Cabriolet A 1949 – closed – two-tone red


41841 Ford E-350 Wyoming Medical Center No. 1 “Cutthroat trout”


41842 Ford E-350 Wyoming Mecical Center No. 2 “Bears”


41843 Ford E-350 Wyoming Medical Center No. 3 “Antelope”


46811 Mercedes-Benz W123 T-Model “Service vehicle”


48493 Piaggio Ape 50 “Alpirsbacher Monastry Beer”


49975 Additional Set. Belts for stationary devices


50241 Robur LO2002 A “Civil defence with trailer”


51205 Framo V901/2 box van “Deutsche Post-ex DDR”



95147 IFA W50LA 3SK (Three sides tipper with haulier driver cabin)


95526 IFA L60SHA LPG Aschersleben

Mehlhose model cars


210004400 Tractor Famulus with mowbar , green with red rims


210009303 E-Karre, yellow with grey rims


210009502 Trailer for E-Karre, blue with grey rims


210009602 Multicar M21 three-sides-tipper, blue


210010115 Tractor Famulus, green with green rims and additional yellow rims

210010208 Trailer T4, green with green rims and additional yellow rims

Busch Releases November 2016


Opel Olympia saloon of German Wehrmacht in Winter camouflage 1941


41840 Ford E-350 “Raytown Ambulance”


41844 Ford E-350 Wyoming No. 4 “Bighorn sheep”


42301 Peugeot 403 “Fire brigade of Auvers Saint Georges, Dept. Essonne”


42902 Cadillac Station Wagon “Ambulance of Chicago”


42920 Cadillac Station Wagon “Hearse”


44019 Dodge Power Wagon – transporter loaded with boxes


45116 Cadillac Eldorado “Rodeo”


46009 American LaFrance artic. Fire brigade ladder truck


46213 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “N.Y.P.D. – New York Police Department.”


46865 Mercedes-Benz W123 Saloon with Winter sport equipment


48287 Chevrolet Pick up “Red Flame”


48491 Piaggio Ape 50 “All Nine” – advertising vehicle for a bowling alley”


49466 Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-model (estate) “German Taxi”


49467 Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-model “Police car service vehicle”


50230 Robur LO 2002 A “German Red Cross”


50238 Robur LO 2002 A in camouflage colours


51011 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5023 with steel load


51052 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5023 fire engine with Schlingmann body


51165 Mercedes-Benz V-Class “Emergency Doctor Munich airport”


51206 Framo V901/2 delivery van “Radeberger Beer”



95021 HW 80 HTS trailer for liquid manure transport


95138 IFA W50 LA 2SK (two-way tipper) 75.000th vehicle made on 2nd June 1971 fon the assembly line in Ludwigsfelde, in the former DDR.


95156 IFA W50L HP flat bed truck KVK Bautzen


95159 W50L BTP LF16 TS8 „10 Years ESPEWE Models“



80010 ZIS-5 Soviet army flatbed truck


80011 ZIS-5 Soviet army box truck


80030 Einheitsdiesel of German Wehrmacht with canvas cover


80031 Einheitsdiesel of german Wehrmacht without canvas cover

The diesel vehicles show above were a standard pattern truck of 2.5 tons adn they were made by many German truck makers such as:  MAN, Henschel, Büssing-NAG, Magirus, Borgward, Faun, Krupp, Mercedes-Benz and Vomag.


80081 L 3000 A Truck used by German Wehrmacht with load

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