News from the Continent June 2016 – Mattel

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

18556-05-2016 18558-05-2016
CMC95  Aston Martin DB5 “James Bond”
James Bond’s pool car used first in the film “Goldfinger” has been issued in 1:18 scale. An authentic body shape captures the original and it is the expected steel grey metallic paint.

Lots of separate parts are used: doors can be opened, steering works and the roof has the insert to cover the ejector seat. The bullet proof shield at the rear is only hinted at and the rotating knifes in the wheel hubs are fixed. More intricate features like machine guns behind the front-indicators and turning registration plates are simply not modelled.

The interior is nicely detailed and includes good representations of the console and dashboard. The registration plate is correct for the car as it appeared in the film. Whilst the baseplate has some good detail the wire wheels are rather crude.

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