News from the Continent January 2017 – Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Photographs are by the Author.

Here is a selection of the releases made by Herpa between October 2016 and January 2017.

092647 MAN TGS L Euro 6 roll-off dump with loading crane

This vehicle is used by the Wolfsburg fire brigade. It is an AB support unit from the city where Volkswagen are based. The vehicle is an extremely detailed representation of the prototype, especially the strikingly shaped warning decals.


028691/038690 Audi R8 Spyder vegas yellow / mythos black pearl effect

The Audi super sportscar enhances Herpa´s comprehensive sports car range. It is a new mould with some small inserted parts for extra detailing.


092661 Audi Q5 ELW “Works Fire Brigade Salzgitter”

The Audi SUV has recently been added to the fleet of the Salzgitter Steel Works.

The detailed miniature is striking painted in daylight red, with an authentic printed livery. Again several small parts are attached to provide a high level of detail.


306522 Scania Bonnet articulated tractor unit “Grohganz”

The Franconian company Monika Grohganz from Heroldbach operates this Scania bonnet Topline tractor as part of their fleet. It is mainly used as a tractor unit for container trailers are pulled.

Good detail printing and small extra parts are used to good effect.


102001 Audi R8 V10 plus Safety Car “24h of Nurburgring”

The Audi R8 was used as safety car at the Nurburgring during the 24 hours races.

This captures the shape of the original well and has excellent printing to provide the detailed livery. Small added parts add to the details on the model which comes in  a showcase.


306706 Scania CS20 articulated tractor unit, blue

The vehicle is detailed very true to original, some parts were separate inserted.

In comparison with 306522 it is quite interesting to see the difference in size and shape between bonnet- and can forward version of Scania tractors.


926478 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe

Herpa Car Club Model of the year, moulded in black with high gloss wheel rims, it comes in a show case. This issue is only available for members of the Herpa Car Club.

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