News from the Continent – Herpa Q1 2016

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here is a selection from the releases made during the first quarter of  2016
305365  Büssing 8000 Box-drawbar “Haulier Wandt”

A classic 1950s design with reworked cabin and box back. Ths is the Büssing 8000, released featuring  the logo of Wandt an haulier based in Brunswick in Lower Saxony.

092302  Borgward Isabella saloon “Taxi”
Until 1971 cabs in Germany were not light-ivory coloured but black. The reliable Isabella was used only in a few numbers as cabs, because it was only available with two doors. Herpa has released the version built between 1958 and 1961. The body is moulded in black. It is fitted with a number of chromed parts and a Taxi sign on the roof.
745352  Ford G 997 T Fire engine “Fire Brigade of Königsberg”

The tanker was one of the fire engines, which fought an hopeless fight against the terrible fires during the battles at the end of the second World War in the East Prussian capital Konigsberg. Which was under siege the Russian army.



745376  Opel Blitz Pick up with canvas cover “German Post”

After end of the war, the colour of German Post vehicles was changed from red to yellow. This truck was used by the Postal authorities in the city of Nuremberg.

745383  Opel Blitz with box body “Fire Protection Police Königsberg”

Today it sounds strange. Why did the Nazis changed the name from fire brigade to fire protection police. And why paint the vehicles police green and not red? The original for this model was operated in the city of Königsberg during the second World War.

092272  MAN TGM Metz turnable ladder L32 “Airport fire brigade”

This turntable ladder fire appliance is operated by the fire brigade of the “Konrad Adenauer airport Cologne-Bonn”. The model has excellent details. The ladder is fully poseable. The livery is authentic.

028646/038645 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 – Indian red/Achat grey metallic

This model is of the new all wheel Carrera 4. This is an accurate model with fine detailing.

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